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Procesador Intel de doble núcleo modelo A1502 / 2.4, 2.6 o 2.8 GHz / Lanzado en octubre de 2013

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Battery and charge issue after water damage


So last week my 4 month old MacBook came into contact with tea after my flask spilled out in my bag. Thought I got away lightly... But it would appear not. After drying out For a couple of days booted up the Mac to great surprise that it was working fine. Except when I took out the charger... Bam! It turns off. The battery said it was 92% charged. The red LED was showing on the charger, however the system info said not charging. Opened up the MacBook and there was corrosion surrounding the battery controller on the battery. The water indicator sticker on the battery was red. The sticker on the logic board however was still white. So I replaced the battery with one I found on eBay from a stripped down Mac that had been tested and guaranteed as at least 80% health. Put it in the Mac... Exactly the same problem though. No matter what charge percentage the battery States, the Mac will not run without charger plugged in. Nor will the battery charge. The system info for both batteries also states Replace Now. If there was a problem with the battery to the extent that it won't work at all, then I would have expected the Mac to display Service Battery instead. Therefore I'm thinking an issue on the logic board? I couldn't see any corrosion at first glance.

Any ideas?! Could it be the battery again or is the logic board fried?


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Did you clean both sides of the logic board?

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Yea I cleaned the board with isopropyl alcohol. Doesn't seem to have made a difference

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any resolution to this issue?

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Take a really close look at the components around the battery connector. It is entirely possible that you have a few shorted out components that will not recognize the state of your battery. Post a couple of good images of the area with your question. Are you handy with a multimeter?

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Give the 820 number of your board. Issue either with current sense resistors around ISL6259 for hte battery or corroded via from CHGR_BGATE to the battery transistor's gate.

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How about posting an image of the area and pointing out the components as well as the schematic snip so we can understand what you are talking about. Throwing out component part numbers without the supporting documentation is just noise.

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How can I point out a schematic snip when I do not know the model number of the board? My answer requested this information so that I can post component values and be more helpful. Every board has the same high side current sense circuitry but they are in different areas depending on your specific board, this is why I asked for the 820 number, so I can give more specific information.

Since the model board in question was never given, I can only be general. A current sense circuit is recognizable once you find out what it is, but if the answer must be delivered gift wrapped from me prior to receiving useful information from the end user in order to not be considered noise, I will post the first result from Google here. Feel free to figure it out yourself, as I have for the past six years without the benefit of someone to hand it to me on a silver platter.

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Thats the point! Its best to get the basics, then fill in the details once you have a foundation to work off of. Remember, you need to feel them out to see what they are comfortable doing. I suspect Gareth decided to have someone with deeper skills look at his system.

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Dan--downvoting a new person trying to be helpful in iFixit Answers, and calling their post "noise" isn't very welcoming. Wouldn't a more gentle approach work better here---Louis: Wow, what a fountain of knowledge you have, it is clear that you have a lot of experience with MacBook repair. Welcome to iFixit Answers. Are you able to provide some details that can help translate this specific advice into something that a new person might be able to do on their own?

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@ jessabethany, review some of his other answers. I agree he clearly knows his stuff, and he will be a great asset to the group. But, he needs to slow down a bit reading though the full thread before answering and think what the other person asking the Q is able to comprehend and do (I had the same problem when I started out here).

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