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The Huawei H881C, also known as the Huawei Ascend Plus, or Ace is an entry level prepaid smart phone from the carrier Straight Talk, a subsidiary of Tracfone.

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Why does it say "Insufficient space on the device"?

I get "insufficient space" when I try to download or update apps. My SD Card has 28G free and internal has 2G free. SD card is default storage.

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I've got a 4g ad card and have same issue I only hv 5 apps so how can I be outta space. only one can be moved.

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3GTab with 4GB SD Card shows insufficient space Why?

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most OS's are larger than 2G if that's what you're trying to download. My bet is that the download feature is first storing to internal memory and then moving it to the SD card so your constraining factor is the 2G internal.

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It may store it in phone storage temporarly and will give option or automaticly move it to SD card/ don't let it automatically update apps take's up Memory and slows phone, if none of this works buy a new phone

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