Can I put a logic board of iPhone 4s in iPhone 4?

I have a logic board of iPhone 4s 16gb and I have an iPhone 4 8gb. So I want swap the logic board of iPhone 4 with logic board of iPhone 4s. So is it possible do it or thee will some problems..

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No, not possible. The ribbon connectors connect differently.

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No , every Smartphone has his own BIOS system , his own connectors and his own architecture. Well to answer your question it's No , and if you do it , your phone won't boot as he won't recognize the boot sequence of the new logic board

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what makes you think the board is a (he) it would more than likely be a (she) because a lot of people call them MOTHERboards haha. but the answer is NO you cant connect a 4s board into an iPhone 4


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If you put the iphone 4s battery with the iphone 4s motherboard will it work? theres juts the iphone 4 screen and charging port

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