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Mediados de 2006 / número de modelo A1181 / carcasa negra o blanca / procesador Intel Core Duo de 1,83 o 2,0 GHz.

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My clicker is loosing it click. I think I won't be able to use it soon.

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Unfortunately you will likely need to replace the topcase/keyboard assembly soon. It's not hard to do, and there is an iFixit guide that walks you through it.

Apple will replace it free if it's under warranty, but based on the specs, I assume it's not.

If you take out the battery, you can see the underside of the button, and sometimes from pressing on it from beneath you can temporarily put a little more "bounce" into it if it gets really bad.

I read somewhere, a guy made a tiny paper origami contraption that he slipped under the button through the battery compartment, which supposedly gave it some extra life. Again, it's temporary, but it might be something to think about.

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When you say "clicker," are you referring to the button on the upper case? If so, this part is permanently attached to the upper case, and you must replace the entire upper case to fix.

I hope this helps!

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I had the same problem. If you go to keyboard and mouse then trackpad you can check clicking. Then when you need to click just tap the trackpad with one finger. Takes some getting used to but works just fine.

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