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A laptop series by HP. Identifiable by the model number G62-XXX-XX, endings vary depending on options and seller.

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Why my laptop gives me frequent black screen

My laptop HP G62 turm the screen black frequently, like if the screen chut down, for 1 to 2 seconds, when it comes back it gives me a beep( sound) like when i conecte a pen drive.

Some days it work normaly, others days it gives me this problem repetly.

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Do you have the same issue when you connect an external monitor?

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sounds like the GPU is dying from to much heat maybe reaply the thermal paste?

look here how to do that:

My HP G62 Notebook PC over heats all the time!

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These machines are notorious for overheating which leads to GPU failure. Is the machine running hot?

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I hve sme issues here..well ya..but...the pc lagging and then shut down by itself..i tried to switched on back...but...the screen stayed black..

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