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Repair and disassembly guides for Brother printers.

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Brother Printer MFC 255CW Black ink won't print?

I haven't used my printer for some time so the cartridges had dried up. I was advised to soak the black cartridge in warm water for a few minutes which I did. It still didn't work when I reinserted it so I bought a full, new set of cartridges (not Brother!). The other colours are fine but the black won't print at all, not a glimmer.

Brother have said they can't help because I haven't used there cartridges.

Is it time to throw it away?

Any advice will help - thanks you

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1.) Press and hold the Home button for 7 to 10 seconds until the touchscreen display changes to show the Serial #, ROM Version, and Printed Pages.

2.) Press and hold in the blank rectangle displayed under 3. Print Page for 2-3 seconds.

3.) This will change the touchscreen display to a keypad.

4.) Using the numeric keypad on the touchscreen display press *, 0, # in that order. The touchscreen will display '0 Maintenance' in the top left corner.

5.) Press 7, 6, 4. The top left corner will change to 'uINIT_P ALL'.

6.) Press the Left Arrow at the bottom left corner until the display changes to show 4 arrows on the top row of the chart.

7.) If the affected color is only Black, press the ◄ or ► key on the top row until the display changes to 'uINIT_P BLACK'.

8.) Then press Mono Start on the touchscreen to begin the User Reset Purge.

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This definitely worked! The black wasn't even showing up on my print quality check sheet. After I did this, it showed up but with gaps so I had to clean it again. Thanks so much, it was driving me NUTS.


This worked!! Thank you so very much. Genius!


By the way, this was on my Brother J4420DW


I just created an account on this website for the sole purpose of thanking you @vannoi! Thankfully I know that when a Brother printer tells you it won't work, it's often lying, so I knew to persevere on finding a solution to my new black ink not printing. You were one of a very, very, very few people who knew and posted the solution to this one. Now I don't have to put my foot through my printer...although I may just to teach it a lesson. Thanks again.


Worked fine on J6920DW - many thanks.


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First step is to see if it will print a test page

Go to Start, settings, printers. Right click on the printer, properties, print test page.

If that doesn't work there should be a head cleaning option in properties that will make it clean the print heads.

Next would be to make sure the contact points are clean, take a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol and dab the contact points to ensure they are clean.

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Thanks for responding. I've already done the head cleaning process more than half a dozen times but it makes not a jot of difference. Test page prints fine in other colours but no black!

I'll try cleaning the contact points - can I use white spirit?


It worked, thank your the best!


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My Brother printer is brand new out of boxits a year set in garage now took it out put ink cartages in it but run it a lot still no ink on pages

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I also took ink cartages out of packaging they were in put in printer and run it no ink on papper I used note book papper with perforated lines tour out of spirol not book and run printer at least ten times no ink ont the note book papper I removed ink cartages some had ink on nozel ends I put my finger on cartage ends some put ink on end of my finger put back in still don't print and it's brand new I took it out of box any ideas please let Me know.


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