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Aporte original por: Lamar Vannoi ,


1.) Press and hold the Home button for 7 to 10 seconds until the touchscreen display changes to show the Serial #, ROM Version, and Printed Pages.

2.) Press and hold in the blank rectangle displayed under 3. Print Page for 2-3 seconds.

3.) This will change the touchscreen display to a keypad.

4.) Using the numeric keypad on the touchscreen display press *, 0, # in that order. The touchscreen will display '0 Maintenance' in the top left corner.

5.) Press 7, 6, 4. The top left corner will change to 'uINIT_P ALL'.

6.) Press the Left Arrow at the bottom left corner until the display changes to show 4 arrows on the top row of the chart.

7.) If the affected color is only Black, press the ◄ or ► key on the top row until the display changes to 'uINIT_P BLACK'.

8.) Then press Mono Start on the touchscreen to begin the User Reset Purge.