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I messed up with target mode and trying to revert back

So, I thought I could do it, but I guess I really messed up.

Replacing a new hard drive in my Mac mini I ran Target Mode with my other Mac Mini. I was trying to get time machine to run it on the new hard drive mac mini.

I guess I did it to my computer. What can I do to get my info back?

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Hi Ron

Could you give us a bit more information please

Have you installed the OS on the new drive in your Mac Mini?

After installation on set up you should get to an option where its asks if you want import data from another hard drive, from a time machine backup, From a PC or don't transfer.

If you are running from another mac mini in target disk mode you need to select the import data from a hard drive option for it to work.


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Ron I hope you didn't do what I think you did! STOP don't try to alter anything. If you messed up your good system you will need to use still a different mac to recover it.

For now lets see if you can fix your dead HD mini first so you can then leverage it to recover your files you damaged on this system.

Go to your other New Hard drive on mac mini and follow it with still a different mac (#3) If thats not possible, you'll need to visit an Apple Store or authorized service center for them to setup the OS on it (I would get the optical drive fixed at the same time).

OK now with your working repaired system (dead HD) you'll need to down load to it Drive Genius or some other utility that can un-do what you did here to your system (this util is one of the best out there).

Hopefully you can recover. If not do you have a good backup ;-{

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Sorry Dan i only got half the story with this thread I noticed your already helping him.

You have pretty much covered what i would suggest also


kenny - there's no ownership here. If you see something I missed or do differently by all means speak up. Ask questions, I even make mistakes ;-}


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