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También conocido como Samsung Galaxy Note 4G, Samsung SGH-I717, Samsung Galaxy Note LTE lanzado en enero de 2012.

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How to replace the power button?

My phone recently turned off itself and won't turn back on again. When I tried to turn back on, it just a black screen and vibrate every 2-3 seconds. I searched about the issue and people say it's the power button issue. Do anyone know how to replace the power button?

Thank you!

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It is a easy to replace a power button for galaxy note.

You need to remove the midframe. You can follow the guide to do that.

Releasing the midframe, you will find the power button is fixed in the midframe by two clips.

Share with u the original Samsung Galaxy Note power button.

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I had the same issue. Turned out the button was lodged between the frame and inside. I was able to put it back in place thanks to your notes.

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