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Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Dim Magsafe light; Battery "Not Charging"

Hello iFixit;


I have a Macbook that was a hand-me-down from a family member. I was informed that there was liquid damage to it but that it was in "working condition". The Macbook would not power on with the battery; it will only power on with the MagSafe adapter connected. If the MagSafe is ever disconnected while the computer is powered on it will instantly power off; even if the battery was connected. I have noticed that the green battery indicator lights were not working. Also, battery notification on the desktop shows the battery logo with the "plug sign" within it and (Not Charging) right next to it. When i click on this icon it shows "Battery Is Not Charging" and "Power Source: Power Adapter" as grayed out options. Tried all possible SMC reset variations.


I went to an Apple store and they recommended me to go to an authorized repair shop around the area. Went to repair shop (Connecting Point - Orlando, FL) and spoke with Craig. Craig did a diagnostic test and informed me that I have a bad battery and possibly a DC- In Board. Craig was charging more than what I anticipated to repair it. He did however tell me that it was a repair job that I could do myself with a little know how. I went on and bought a new battery and DC-In Board. When I received that products I noticed the new battery's indicator lights were working (1-5 green lights glowing) confirming what Craig said of me "having a dead battery". I followed the ifixit guide and successfully installed the new DC-In Board. I plugged in the MagSafe adapter and noticed that the light was still dim. I powered the Macbook with the new battery connected and the still dim MagSafe connected. The battery logo is exactly the same as what is mentioned previously above as well as the two options being grayed out. I disconnected that MagSafe while the Macbook was powered on and it stayed powered on. When doing so, the battery logo shows the "plug sign" disappearing and (Not Charging) changing into (15%). Tried all SMC reset variations possible. Problems persist.


Im trying to see what is the next step possible. I've read a few solutions and most say the next steps are to replace the Battery Connector and then the Logic Board. I have already spent $140 on this macbook and do not know if it is worth it to pursue a complete fix.

Are there any other solutions? Like cleaning the inside circuits or boards with "rubbing alcohol"?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Also, I trial-and error(ed) the MagSafe adapter with my wife's macbook pro. Both adapter work with a bright green light on her macbook pro and the both have a "dim" green light on my macbook.

Here are some snapshots of coconut battery and About This Mac: Power for my Macbook.

I hope this is enough information to give a clear solution as everywhere on the web is just confusion. Clear and concise solutions and steps are very much appreciated.

Thanks you for your time and consideration.

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what are the last four digits of your computers serial number? Or, even better, what is the complete number of your logic board? It should be a 820-XXXX number.


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It sounds like you have a deeper problem that cleaning won't fix here. Most likely the FET's and/or power control logic (charging the batt & running the system when plugged in) are damaged.

Did you get your system wet at sometime?

Have you opened the covers to inspect the logic board yet? I would start there and see if the FET's are physically damaged.

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Hey Dan; thanks for responding.

The macbook already had liquid damage by the time it was handed down to me. I've opened up the top case to replace the DC-In board; everything inside seemed "orderly" but I'm not at a knowledge level where I know what to look for and if a part is damaged or not.

Where and what are the FETs? How can I tell if they are damaged or not?

The only non-expensive solution I can think up at the moment is to buy and external battery charger for my macbook.

Link here:

Thanks for the help thus far


A dim Mag-Safe LED is telling us the charge circuit inside the MacBook has a problem, not the charger. The FET's are the four five pin SMT packages (4/1) near the two large R36 caps in this image logic board. Just make an inspection to see if there is corrosion around them or are burnt.


Given your skill set this maybe deeper than you want to go. It maybe time to get a new logic board or think about a new system (new or used) Vs putting any money into this system given its limitations.


Hi Dan. I'm having the same problem. The 4 FETs seem fine but there is some corrosion on the top of the upper r36 cap. Is this part of the power circuit? I have a dimly blinking Orange on the charger. I found corrosion but the person I bought it from insists no liquid damage occurred and that it was working fine before I bought it.

I cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and used an eraser to try to run off some corrosion on the board. I've already replaced the dc in board and the top case is fine as far as powering up options go.


Yes, these caps are part of the charging logic. But how did you test the MosFET transistors?


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