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Versión CDMA del iPhone de cuarta generación. La reparación es sencilla, pero el cristal frontal y la pantalla LCD deben reemplazarse como una unidad. Compatibilidad de 16 o 32 GB / Modelo A1349 / CDMA.

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Replaced iPhone 4 screen screen problem

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I replaced my iphone 4 screen and put it all back together. The phone turns on but the screen is messed up it has lines running through it.

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The picture is my screen when it boots up

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I have the same issue. Initially I thought it is a display problem, but with a new one installed I see the same picture, similar to yours. Did you get any idea on what could be the reason? Thanks!

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Time to re-open the device, make sure the lcd ribbon isn't pinched, all of it directly from the lcd must slide through the top of the frame. Also re-seat all ribbons after checking for debris. Could also be a bad or damaged replacement lcd.

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Pretty much agree with Leftover screws assessment.

Here is a link for Display issues after a screen replacement.

From a quick read at their site, looks like the connector needs to be reseated OR you put to much pressure on the LCD when you installed it causing damage to the display.

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