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What can I do my Honda is running on 3 cylinders

a honda repair shop said i would also have to have a new computer part so that the car will send gas to the fuel injection. The also suggested that it would be smarter to get a new engine then to have it rebuilt. Ive only owned the car for a year and a half and now i might as well see what i can get from junking it, great.

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Marlene, what engine size does your Honda have and how many miles do you have on it? Have you tried to get a print out of the on board diagnostics (OBD)scan?

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Its a vtec 2.3L 4 cyclinder. No I do not have a print out. But il enquire into one. The want 500 to 600 to put a used computer part then they have to reprogram it to except the new computer piece just so my car will allow the gas to go to the fuel injection

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Change the spark plugs, change the plug wires.

If there is fuel getting to the other three injectors, perhaps you have a bad injector so you can remove and clean or change that.

Start with the inexpensive stuff and work your way out to the more expensive. I'll bet you can find a used ECM on ebay or at a local junk yard for under $80.

Just to add to this, I was right about ebay. Here is an ECU for$69 or best offer and there are plenty more where that came from.

The location of the ECM/PCM is in the center console, under the radio. As you can see from this PDF on page 2.

Good luck,

please let us know,


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thank you Frank . i posted another question if you have time please review, you probably already answered it but if not any information will be greatly appreciated

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