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Toshiba LCD TV blinks red 3 times where it says timer rec

How do i fix my Toshiba 42' LCD flatscreen TV? It has 2.4 amps and 120v. Its model number is 42HL196-Chassis#Taco604. Next to where it says TIMER REC, it blinks/flashes red 3 times, stops for about 5 seconds or so, and blinks again, and stops, and so on. I already took off the back and looked for a switch to reset it but couldn't find it. I have tried holding down the power button to reset it but it doesn't do anything. Please help!

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Tanner, hope you are electronically inclined:-) 3 blinks on a 42hl196 indicates a main power supply failure. you can either try and change that, or if you are pretty handy, you could try to replace Q880 which is a strw6765 switch mode regulator standby main power. This is the most common issue with this model. The part is available at places like this as well as many others. I do have the schematic, but not the board layout, so you will have to do some searching on the board. Of course, you do want to follow the trouble shooting flowsheet for your model first. Please do remember that this Power supply can pack quite a punch. On the life side of this there is around 370V and touching any of those life could be a heart stopping experience. Keep your unit unplugged and wait a day or two, unless you know how to discharge the large capacitors. Hope this helps, good luck.

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i have a toshiba 40 inches the tv will not come on just timer record button and it blinks tree times

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i have a toshiba 40 inches the tv will not come on just timer record button and it blinks tree times


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