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4S stuck in recovery mode and cannot update or restore eRROR 29

I was updating my 4s to the latest software IOS 7 and unfortunately my phone fell off my desk and disconnected during the process. Now its stuck in recovery mode and everytime i connect it to my laptop it does not recognise the device. even before that my iphone wouldn't sink due to error 29. I was wondering whether i could buy a new cpu and install it into my phone?

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I have pretty much the exact same problem. I managed to get it to iOS7 after a bunch of grief and there were still lots of glitches (battery life displayed incorrectly, phone would reboot itself a lot). A week later I tried updating to 7.0.2 assuming there would be bug fixes. Since then (2 weeks now) I have been locked out in recovery mode and keep getting error 29 when I try to restore it too.

I took it to apple and they said they couldn't fix it, but I don't think they tried any methods other than the basic restore process. I tried restoring it on multiple different computers (both mac and pc) and tried kicking it out of the recovery loop using 3rd party software (redsn0w, ireb, tiny umbrella, recboot), none of which worked. I've heard for earlier models (iPhone 3GS and such) it may be a battery issue. I am going to hopefully try to replace the battery and see if that makes a difference. I will post back here if it works.


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Easy fix :

1. Download : Recboot, It will get exit recovery mode.

2.Error 29 is a hardware problem, Mostly replacing battery or repair in the slot of where u insert battery inside iPhone :)

How do i know : I have similar issue, but my iPhone is stuck with apple loop :)



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solucionastes tuy problema me pasa lo mismo con iphone 4s enrike2x@hotmail.com

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