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LCD cable replacement models compatible with Satellite L500

I have a Toshiba satellite L500 laptop with 16" screen, and my LCD screen cable is damaged. I was wondering if a 15.6" LCD data cable would be compatible with my laptop which is a 16" model. also does it have to be LCD cable for L500 model or can I replace my cable with a cable from another model of toshiba satellite laptop (e.g. A500 model instead of my L500 model).

Thank you.

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Hi John,

Sorry for my delay. I am obviously not that quick... ;-)

Honestly, I don't know what the difference is and what I could recommend. It seems that a lot has to do with the model number of the laptop, as this website points out.

In my research, I found also this website, providing a compatible LCD cable with a different P/N, but compatible with certain models. So, you might want to check out some options online. If I were you, I would just go ahead with searching for a cable with the same P/N as your old one.


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Hi John,

According to this here, a cable for a 15.6" screen seems to work in your case. And based on this website, it seems that the cable is only compatible with the S800 model. You might want to do some further research on that.

There are two versions of this cable, one for a LED screen, the other for a LCD version (see here). I suppose you are looking for a LCD cable (P/N DC02000S800).

To avoid any risk and extra time, however, I would probably invest in this here, or here.


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Hi Steffen,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I looked at the websites you provided and saw that the model numbers of video cables in those websites differ from mine (video cable model #: DC02000XW00). My monitor model is the same as here. Would the cables on the websites provided still work even though they have different model numbers than mine.


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