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I am a German and a power electronics technician who received his training in the late 80's and early 90's. Since then, a lot has changed - in the area of electronics and in terms of my career.

I repair whatever I can and whenever I can. I do that on a volunteer basis, for example when teenagers bring me their iPod with a cracked screen or a home button that is worn out.

Rather than pursuing a training in electronic engineering after my first training, I received a heavenly call in 1992 to become a pastor. This is what I do since then. I underwent a B.A. training in Germany and pastored a church. I also started as a Bible teacher in 1998. I hold a Masters Degree (M.Div.) and a doctorate in Biblical Studies (PhD).

I know, this has nothing to do with electronics. And yet, it somehow has. I understand that via my former training I can help people when they have issues with their electronic devices. Or at least I can advice them what I would do, like here on iFixit. And as I help people, I am helped, too.

Personally, I like iFixit, since it is run by highly qualified people - geniuses that can help me when I got stuck with my little projects.

I live in Germany in the nice Black Forest.

Contact: steffschumacher[—a_t—]

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