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Repair and troubleshooting guides for air conditioning units used in houses, offices, and cars.

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Can I use a 35/4uF instead of a 4/35uF Sh capacitor

my air conditioner needs a new sh start motor capacitor.

the original that needs to be replaced is a 4/35uF... and the one I was sent is a 35/4uF...

the numbers are inverted...voltage the same as all other infos, but before i go and connect it i wanna make sure it works...

any technicians perhaps here with an idea?


Here are some pics added after as requested:

1-in order going down:broken Capacitor (taller one)

2-New Capacitor (shorter)

3-last pic is to show there's one taller than the other, the old one broken being the taller one

4-Old top

5-New top

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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I am pretty sure this is a run cap and not a start cap. Start caps are higher microfarads and are black plastic.

- de

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rob, yes you can. I just double checked on it again. All it means is that you have two capacitors in one can. A 35mfd and a 5mfd and a common terminal. Just make sure that you check the outside of the can for which is which capacitor. If you can post an image and we can probably help you with the hook up.

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Thanks for the reply :)

If I understand right, " BOTH " Capacitors are two in one can. A 35uF and 4uF...

and it doesn't matter that one is identified 4/35uF and the other 35/4uF.

Before I unplugged the broken one I identified the Yellow cable to "Fan", the red to "Hern" and the other four cables on the remaining one that has 4 places to connect the cables.

The order to connect the new capacitor stays the same I would Imagine, or?

The new one (35/4uF) is slightly shorter in size, about 1/2-3/4 inch than the broken one (4/35uF)

If i need to i'll take a picture... let me know and thanks again!

- de

Pictures may help:-) Yes, the 35/4uf and the 4/35uF are two capacitors in one can. One being a 4uF and the other one a 35uF. The capacitor is usually marked to show which terminal connects which capacitor. It should have the following lables

HERM – for the compressor

FAN – for fan

C – common

The smaller one is usually for the fan and the larger for the compressor. So, in your case 4uF for the fan and 35uF for the compressor. Just check on my AC :-) Yellow wire to fan, black common and red to compressor. It could be different color coed on your AC. What model is your AC?

- de

I'll try our old digital camera to see if it still works and take a picture of them both. If i succeed where do I upload pics...?is there a way here in the forum to do so? It's my 2nd post here...............................


Yes, it's clearly market on both--HERM __FAN__C

and the wire colors are the same as yours


it's a LG WM-6021________________________________________________________

Thank you so much for the help, it's greatly appreciated... It's my first time dealing with capacitors......

----So it seems if I understand right that it doesn't really matter if the capacitor is identified as a 4/35uF or the 35/ the end, both use the 4uF for the fan and the 35uF for the Compressor... :) :) :)

- de

found your email in your description... sent the pics with clear description...

Health practionner also! Niice! Bundeswehr?... I lived in Germany for almost 13 years... but french Canadian from Montreal ;)


- de

born and raised in Germany, spend 20 years in Canada :-) Use this guide Adding images to an existing answer to add your images. You got the right idea about the cap....

- de

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