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Retired to the Philippines from Alaska. Worked many trades before HVAC. Have 35 years in HVAC. Have done everything from milk tanks to boats to big ammonia 2 stage systems to 2 cubic ft. mini refrigerators. Industrial, commercial and residential. Large high pressure boilers to small low pressure boilers in tailoring shops. Oil fired, Natural gas, Propane, Electric and Hydronic forced air to hot water circulated heating. Roof top commercial to mechanical room commercial. Remote self contained to big city waterfront seafood freezer. Large 150 ton ice bins to bar ice cubers. Industrial ice flakers to restaurant ice cubers. Largest system was 35,000 lb. Ammonia low pull 2 stage system on Bristol Bay, Alaska. It had a 150 ton ice bin under three 60 ton North Star stainless steel flakers. I am retired but miss working. Just got too old to cut the mustard, but at least I can still lick the jar and maybe help some on these pages.



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