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Guías de reparación y desmontaje para dispositivos de red inalámbricas de Apple Time Capsule.

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Where can I get a replacement rubber foot?

Im looking for a replacement rubber foot for the TC. Any suggestions on where to find one ?

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Did you find one? I need one---should have been more careful thanks

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Would this be an idea ? I broke mine when opening the Time Capsule. I was looking, and then I found this :

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I just ordered one.. expensive... but when I get it I'll tell you how well it works.

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It fits well, just wondering if the heat will cause the material to melt. Does anyone else have one?

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Usually will have this. If you can get to an Apple store, most of the time they will give you something like this.

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Thanks, unfortunately the apple store doesnt have these parts :(

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