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Wifi very weak after screen replacement

I follow the instructions described on this site to replace me broken digitizer, but after the full assembly i got a very weak wifi signal, so weak that i have to go above the router to connect!

what goes wrong?I didn't miss to reconnect anything due to the assembly....where is the antenna in order to check it out again..

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Hi Vasilis,

This posting might be helpful.

Have you rebooted your PlayBook yet? It might help (--> on the Playbook, press the power button and both Vol + - buttons for 10 seconds).


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I am having the same problem. Would be nice to know if you found a solution?


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actually i read this post >

and it was very usefull...and the picture witch came with..

the problem was that the wifi antenna (black coaxial cable) is vary sensitive and i was broken it.

The antenna location is at the top right side of plabook, if you looking at from the back side(witch the logo of bb locate) and is actually above the speaker witch is not removable..(the left speaker is).

what you have to do:

1)open the back cover and remove the screws to release the right speaker

2)remove the tape witch prevent speaker to move in order not to cut the cable of the speaker

Block Image

3)locate the antenna witch is on the speakers top right corner and check if it's broken

it looks like this

Block Image

4)the cable is the outside cable is negative and is in touch with the small metal chassis (witch is difficult to be broken) and the inner is the positive and it's very very can see in the pic!!THERE IS THE PROBLEM.. it maybe broken... have to connect again with the chassis with an iron solder (that i was do)it is difficult but you can do it without buying a new antenna witch is more difficult to replace it.

You must have in your mind that you have close the circuit and negative and positive of the antenna must be at the same chassis.

tools you need is (except the tools to open the back case witch is necessary) an iron solder with solder wire and an electronic poly-meter in order to check the right assembly

unfortunately I didn't record a video during the process

ps. very sorry for my bad English.

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I had the same problem where the wifi signal was very weak or non-existent. I found Vasilis' post and re-opened my PlayBook. I locatedthe antenna and found it was detached. I soldered it back and that fixed the problem.



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does anybody have an image where I can see the name of all the connectors??? im trying to figure out whats the gray connector that lands almost beside the blue connector.


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(Viewing from the back):

Top Left (White Wire) - Wireless N

Top Right (Black Wire) - Wireless G

Bottom Left (Gray Wire) - GPS

Bottom Right (Blue Wire) - Bluetooth

- de

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