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Using a 15/17" install disk

I have searched hi and low and can only find my daughter's 15/17" PowerBook install disk for 10.4. 'Course it won't let me install on my 12" PowerBook. Is there a way to use it? My daughter is on the east coast and I live in New Mexico so using her computer is not an option.

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Sorry but no. You will have to buy the specific installation disk for your PowerBook off ebay or a Tiger retail disk.

N.B.: You could also install Leopard on your PB model. Just make sure that you ram is maximised.

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Sorry to say, but you need the original disk for your computer, or, install Leopard on your PowerBook. You can find Leopard on eBay, Amazon, Apple Store, RapidShare, MegaUpload. I don't recommend torrents, so dont get it there.

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I have the family pack for Leopard (10.5) but read somewhere and on this site that the G4's, while they can run it, fair better running Tiger (10.4). I have the 1.33 GHz PB (1,256M ram) which is running 10.5 and a 1.2 GHz iBook (768M ram) running 10.3 (I've used my emegency start up drive with 10.5 on it on the iBook so I know that will work). I was simply wanting to down grade back to a 'faster' system. Thanks everyone for the answers. It was what I was expecting. I wonder if the Ex is holding those disks as hostages for later bargaining....

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