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Guías de reparación e información para la línea de tabletas 2 en 1 Surface Pro de Microsoft.

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open surface pro and change ssd to 256gb ssd

ok after i opened surface pro and with metric duckload glue...... what kind of glue i should use to glue back the screen ?

or do i have to use the same old glue warm it up ? and reglue the screen with ?

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Heating up and cutting the adhesive will most likely render it useless for resealing the device, so you'll probably want to scrape off the old adhesive with a plastic tool, and use foam double sided tape to reclose the device.

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I have found that reheating and trying to reuse the old is useless. clean it, get a good 3m double sided adhesive strip set from ebay for like 14 bucks, and do it back together correctly. only way to solve future problems.

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