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Pantalla de 27" con resolución de 2560 x 1440 píxeles Conexiones de cable Thunderbolt y MagSafe

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blank screen 27 inch thunderbolt

my display has a blank screen.It powers up

what could i do????

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Try it with another Mac with a Thunderbolt port first. That failing, call AppleCare.

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I have the exact same problem. When connected to my laptop, the laptop shows that the display is plugged in and working but there is no display, no back-light, nothing.

I am solving it by replacing the video controller main board inside the display itself. I know my particular problem is due to a bad ribbon cable connector on the main board. This particular ribbon cable carries all the video data to the LCD display.

If a replacment board isn’t available here:
Thunderbolt Display 27" A1407 Logic Board
A replacement (re-manufactured) board can usually be found on eBay for between $50 to $200 depending on seller and location.

This guide goes over how to remove the main board. It’s actually a guide to replace the Mini Display Port/Magsafe Cable, but doing that requires removal of the main board so the guide still works.

Apple Thunderbolt Display Thunderbolt & MagSafe Cable Replacement

Imagen de Thunderbolt Display 27" A1407 Logic Board


Thunderbolt Display 27" A1407 Logic Board


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I wish to note that I just conducted the repair exactly as I noted above and my display is back to perfect working condition!

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