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Lanzado en junio de 2009 / 2.53 GHz Procesador Core 2 Duo

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Which glass for this one?

Hi guys.

My screen is broken and I am going to replace the glass following your guide. However, I'm not sure about the screen. On iFixit Parts, it's clearly said that the mid 2009 glass is not compatible with mid 2010 glass, why ?

I'm willing to buy the part on ebay as I've not enough money to pay yours.. But they don't specify if it is for mid 2010 or other.

Here is the part : eBay

How can I know if it's compatible with mine ? Any noticeable clue ?


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It'll work. They are actually all the same glass. It's a pita to remove if you don't know what you're doing. Also make sure you don't leave any broken glass behind or else you can damage the lcd.

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