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Logic Board bought on ebay

My 4 years old PowerBook has a problem with the logic board, it doesn't recognize second module ram, so I can use it only with 1 Gigabyte. It is an issue recognized by Apple but I never repaired it so now I am out of time to do it for free.

Since I have to do some repair to the display (or inverter, I posted a question on another post) maybe I can change the logic board...

My question is:

I have seen on ebay logic boards which are cheaper than Apple (obvious), but even cheaper than this site, the material is sold by top sellers, but is it sure that isn't low quality stuff? Is the problem I mentioned earlier solved on this boards?

Many thanks!

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If you're choice is the ebay route, first only deal with trusted sellers (laptopaid, macrecycling are good sellers) and don't hesitate to contact the seller BEFORE buying the logic board to ask him to confirm that the logic board is fully functional (all ports working) and ask if the 2 ram slots have been tested. If something goes wrong then you'll have the seller's confirmation email that will help you to get a seller or a Paypal refund.

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There's really no way to tell. They're probably all used boards. They may or may not have been tested. With iFIXIT boards you know it will work. It's up to you to determine which is the better bargain. If you have lots of time and patiences go for the cheap one. If you need to get your computer up and running, get a known good board with a warranty from iFixit. It's the old deal, you get what you pay for.

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+1 for laptop aid. You get what you pay for, meaning, you get working pulls and refabs. Logic boards for these old systems aren't in production any more so you're paying RETAIL through ifixit to get a similar product. (in some cases they may still have new stock left over but it's doubtful.)

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