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Follow this guide to replace the Wi-Fi antenna on your Sony Playstation 4.

Unplug your PS4 before beginning any repairs.

  1. PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Flip over the PS4: paso 1, imagen 1 de 1
    • Flip the PS4 upside-down with the back side facing towards you.

  2. PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Remove the warranty stickers: paso 2, imagen 1 de 3 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Remove the warranty stickers: paso 2, imagen 2 de 3 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Remove the warranty stickers: paso 2, imagen 3 de 3
    • Use tweezers to remove the two stickers in the center of the back of the PS4 exposing two case screws.

  3. PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Remove the plastic screw covers: paso 3, imagen 1 de 2 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Remove the plastic screw covers: paso 3, imagen 2 de 2
    • Use tweezers to carefully remove the plastic screw covers in each corner, exposing two more case screws.

    What If my PS4 doesn't have the two screws on the side

    Michael Jimenez - Contestar

    I should imagine that plastic cover will come off?

    How did you go?

    Cary B -

  4. PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Remove the rear case screws: paso 4, imagen 1 de 2 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Remove the rear case screws: paso 4, imagen 2 de 2
    • Remove the four 7.2 mm Torx security screws on the back of the PS4.

    I only have two screws, those in the middle of the console.

    Oscar Martinez - Contestar

    Have you removed the plastic covers mentioned in the previous step? That will expose the other two screws.

    Sam Omiotek -

    same, here. there are only the middle screws, no covers or screws on the sides. and it sits pretty tight

    Johannes Müller - Contestar

    turns out 12XX models are different. Look at this for reference:

    Johannes Müller - Contestar

  5. PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Remove the lower case: paso 5, imagen 1 de 2 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Remove the lower case: paso 5, imagen 2 de 2
    • Use your thumbs to lift the lower case up and off the PS4.

    • The lower case is held into place by plastic clips. You may need to use significant force to release the lower case.

  6. PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 6, imagen 1 de 2 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 6, imagen 2 de 2
    • Use a pair of tweezers to pull the power supply cable straight out and disconnect the power supply unit from the motherboard.

    • If your connector feels stuck, use a spudger to gently pry the connector out.

    This part looks dangerous. There should be a flag/warning not to destroy that cable yes?

    Shawn - Contestar

    I second Shawn's comment. That cable seems to be very fragile, and one of the wires snapped on mine while removing the cable. It wouldn't have bothered me so much, if it wasn't a pain to find a replacement for it.

    Matt Gaia - Contestar

    The tweezers used here, do not cut it. Not enough grip.

    I had to use a set of needle nose pliers to remove this.

    Cary B - Contestar

    Power supply connection stuck. I don't want to damage it

    Nick Alex - Contestar

  7. PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Remove the power supply unit: paso 7, imagen 1 de 2 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Remove the power supply unit: paso 7, imagen 2 de 2
    • Remove three 9.7 mm Torx security screws.

    • Remove two 41 mm Phillips screws and brackets.

  8. PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 8, imagen 1 de 3 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 8, imagen 2 de 3 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 8, imagen 3 de 3
    • Lift the power supply straight up and out of the PS4.

    • The power supply is held firmly in place by prongs on the left side. It may take multiple attempts to remove it.

    • During reassembly, ensure the prongs are aligned, then press the power supply into place.

    How do you remove the battery wires? I’ve personally been wiggling it to no effect, is there a certain way i have to pull it out, and should i pull it out of the power supply or the console?

    Tubby - Contestar

  9. PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Remove the Wi-Fi antenna: paso 9, imagen 1 de 2 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement, Remove the Wi-Fi antenna: paso 9, imagen 2 de 2
    • Use the tip of a spudger to disconnect the antenna cable from the motherboard.

    dumb question but I’m very new to this. when reconnecting the wifi antenna, does it just click back on? I'm hesitant to try this procedure if I need to solder anything since I have zero experience.

    cliodhna - Contestar

    Yup! Hold it in place and press straight down on top of it with your finger or a spudger. If you have any other cable/connector questions see this guide.

    Sam Omiotek -

  10. PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 10, imagen 1 de 3 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 10, imagen 2 de 3 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 10, imagen 3 de 3
    • Use a pair of tweezers or your fingers to grab the antenna cable and move it out from the cable guides.

  11. PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 11, imagen 1 de 3 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 11, imagen 2 de 3 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 11, imagen 3 de 3
    • Use a pair of tweezers or your fingers to thread the antenna cable out from underneath the optical drive cable.

  12. PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 12, imagen 1 de 2 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 12, imagen 2 de 2
    • Remove the 9.7 mm Torx security screw securing the antenna.

    This does not work on the newer 12 series

    raseemhassan123 - Contestar

  13. PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 13, imagen 1 de 2 PlayStation 4 Wi-Fi Antenna Replacement: paso 13, imagen 2 de 2
    • Remove the Wi-Fi antenna.


To reassemble your device, follow the above steps in reverse order.

Take your e-waste to an R2 or e-Stewards certified recycler.

Repair didn’t go as planned? Check out our Answers community for troubleshooting help.

Compare your new replacement part to the original part—you may need to transfer remaining components or remove adhesive backings from the new part before installing.

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Took me about 10mins with this guide. Super easy. New parts in and working wonderfully. Ty ifixit!

luckycha87 - Contestar

My wireless controlers wasn't recognised. I change the WiFi connector but this problem is not resoleved yet.

Frederic Morelli - Contestar

Hi Frederic! Have you tried resetting the controller? Have you tried any other controllers to see if they work? Also, are you sure the battery in your controller is good and it's charged up?

TronicsFix -

Hello my controller has a hard time working from 4 feet away from my console and disconnecting. Im thinking of doing this hopefully it works. Is the bluetooth and wifi part the same thing because my wifi doesnt seem to pick up my wireless router.

ludracing - Contestar

Yes, the wifi and bluetooth antenna is the same.

TronicsFix -

Hello, my controllers are connecting and disconnecting as well, but also with the USB cord attached... The buttons and responses are very laggy and erratic... Is this caused by the same issue? Would there be outside damage to the cord that is noticeable or perhaps not? Thanks for any and all help! Its happening with all 3 of my controllers by the way. They are all charged that I know ( left on USB all night in rest mode)...


Nel - Contestar

Yes, this could still be the same problem. Even with the USB cord attached they still communicate via Bluetooth.

TronicsFix -

I dismantled my PS4 (to fix the fan problem). Upon reboot after rebuilding it, it either doesn't at all recognise my DS4, has awful latency or has other problems like this. Would putting a new WiFi receiver in fix this?

Callum Berryman - Contestar

It's hard to say...I'm assuming that it didn't have this problem before you took it apart so there is likely something that has been damaged that is causing this. Since I don't know what that is it's hard to know whether replacing the WiFi antenna will do any good or not.

I would go back and check to be sure that you remembered to hook it back up to the motherboard and that the connectors are good. Just retrace your steps.

You can take a look at the end of the antenna and see if it's smashed as well as check to make sure that the wire itself has not come unsoldered from the antenna.

I hope this helps.

TronicsFix -

But is it reasonable that this piece affected the small Bluetooth device

Anwar - Contestar

Yes, this is the WiFi & Bluetooth antenna

TronicsFix -

Hello! I am about to attempt this but was curious- if the wire is just disconnected, can I simply reattach and solve the problem? Is there a way to tell if the antenna is failed vs. just not connected well?

arizonaluke2 - Contestar

You could just fix it in most cases if you know how to solder.

TronicsFix -

The problem of lack of control is not connected to wifi antana but there is a piece aluminum in disbelief inside does not relate well to the Bluetooth device, you must be expanded up to reach to control long distance

Anwar - Contestar

Why does that antenna look different then mine?

Javier Exford - Contestar should look pretty similar. Is yours drastically different?

TronicsFix -

Where can I buy a replacement antenna

Kali - Contestar

I'm having issues with my controllers where they will lag and not respond when pressing a button. They also disconnect from the ps4 and are fully charged. I opened up my ps4 to clean out the dust and accidentally bent the WiFi antenna. Will replacing the antenna fix the problem?

Omar Reyes - Contestar

Most likely, yes

TronicsFix -


Quick question: if I remove the wifi antenna, do I have to use wired controllers? Also, can I be sure there is no more wifi signal at all, so only internet access possible with cable?

Thank you!

Greetings, Dave

Dave - Contestar

If you remove the WiFi antenna you would have to use wired controllers most likely. They might work within a short distance though. There will still be a WiFi signal even without the antenna. The antenna just helps to pick up the signal from a long distance.

This is actually a WiFi/Bluetooth antenna and since the controllers use the bluetooth signal even when plugged in they may not work correctly.

TronicsFix -

ok, thank you very much for the quick reply!


Dave - Contestar

Got my part in a week from when I ordered it. Very fast manner and the instructions were perfect. I already knew how to open the bottom cover but not the power supply. The antenna works great. Took me less than 5 minutes.

Julie Lorenz - Contestar

Glad it worked for you!

TronicsFix -

My advice is that if you open the bottom of your ps4, be careful not to clip the antenna. I think it a ridiculous place to put it on the console.

Julie Lorenz - Contestar

Yes, it's not the best placement as far as keeping it from getting damaged, but as far as reception it's a pretty good spot.

TronicsFix -

hi my ps4 controller is not geting connected in game mode but in safe mode it works with wire conected . is thr any solution of this issue ?

harry tom - Contestar

It's hard to know for sure without seeing it but you might need to have the wifi module replaced. It's not an easy job since it's attached by solder balls under the module.

TronicsFix -

hi !I live in mexico .... but you could bring me the antenna to mexico ? Obviously if I buy... which it costs 13.99 dollars

dothonrojasglz - Contestar

If I take out my PS3 Bluetooth antenna and put it in my ps4 would it work?

Joey Anderson - Contestar

Unfortunately a PS3 antenna will not work for a PS4.

TronicsFix -

Excuse me, i got a problem with my ps4. It can't detect my wifi router, does it mean my ps4 wifi antenna broken? This antenna not just for ps4 controller? Thanks

archangelfei - Contestar

Hmmm...usually a broken WiFi antenna can still connect to a router just fine. I'm really not sure why it wouldn't be able to detect it. I'm assuming you've checked to make sure your router is working correctly and can connect to other things. It's possible that it's a bad WiFi card on the motherboard but that's not likely.

TronicsFix -

After doing the fan replacement, i can't get my internet connection to work. I can see my router in the ps4 menu but i can't get it to connect. I'm from Germany so it's in german but it says: "Verbindung in der erlaubten Zeit nicht möglich" something like "connection is too slow" can anybody help? the problem isn't related to my WLAN-router and now I'm thinking that I may have destroyed it but the cable is connected and as I said I can see my Wifi in the menus.

justblazeiv - Contestar

I'm not sure what the problem would be. Usually even if the wifi cable is broken it will still connect to wifi. That being say it's definitely possible that a bad wifi cable could cause this problem.

TronicsFix -

My PS4 won't detect my controllers from any distance, but the wifi works just fine. Is it possible that the antenna is the problem even though the wifi works?

I've tried virtually everything else but replacing the antenna or the module. The controllers stopped working suddenly when I was installing a game.

gustavo - Contestar

Does your controller work when it's plugged in? Have you tried another controller? Does it work when the console is in safe mode?

TronicsFix -

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, the controllers work fine in safe mode and in other consoles (and even on my PC/phone via bluetooth). I can still access the console through the PS phone app, and when I connect the controllers by cable, the DS4 pops up in the devices window, but they don't pair via BT. I've also tried searching for the BT signal the console should be emitting, but I couldn't find anything (and I'm not sure I should find something in the first place).

gustavo - sounds like maybe your BT module may be faulty...there's no way for me to know for sure...that's just what I suspect.

TronicsFix -


Hello! I'm using my PS4 through cable internet connection and I bought a thirdy party controller (Hori Pad FPS Plus) to get a wired controller, so apparently the console is completely wired.

I did so because I unfortunately got skin problems from iPads and other wireless devices. Could you please tell me if the console still emits wifi or BT radiation, and if I could prevent that in the case? Thanks!

giuseppespera - Contestar

Hi! Wow...I've never gotten a question like this before! Um...I think it will still be emitting a signal but I can't say for sure. I think the only way to totally disable it would be to remove the WiFi/Bluetooth controller or remove the power to it. I've never done that before so I can't say for sure if it would work but I think it would.

TronicsFix -

Hi, Ive just recently bought a new wifi antenna, and looking to replace it using your guide. But i dont really get how to put the new one in, is it just like a click thing? or do i have to do something else to replace it ( because the guide stops where u remove it). Maybe its a dumb question but im not that experienced in this matter.

Thanks for the guide!

bram ver - Contestar

Yes, it just clicks onto the connector on the motherboard.

TronicsFix -

Hi I had input lag from my controllers. I replaced the antenna (bought the new one here) but I am still having the same problem. The controllers work ok at first and 5 minutes into the game they statt presenting lag and going all to the right or leg in occasions. Please help, what else should I do. My ps4 is quite new

angellom90 - Contestar

If it's pretty new then I would send it in for warranty repair. If it's not under warranty it's hard to say for sure what it is without being able to see it. I'm assuming that you installed it corrrectly. I would check it with multiple controllers. You may try initializing it as well.

TronicsFix -

So I bought a console on ebay and I'm afraid it got damaged during shipping. It looks like it took a hit on the corner under where u load the disk. My 2 controls have connections issues, lag, and seem to only kind of work if theyre right next to the console. It'll connect to the Internet via ethernet cable but my WiFi won't come up when I try to connect that way. Do these sound like problems stemming from the WiFi antenna? I'm hoping it's an easy fix.

jorion1118 - Contestar

Yes, sounds exactly like a WiFi antenna issue. It's very common with dropped PS4's.

TronicsFix -

Is the part that connects to the cord suppose to connect to the ball next to it?

Jonathan Butler - Contestar

The WiFi cable snaps on to the connector on the motherboard.

TronicsFix -

In the picture Above, the second below the big picture it's the part the metal part close to the thumb in the picture. Is the metal piece suppose to be attached to the metal piece with the cord connected

Jonathan Butler - Contestar

Yes, it is soldered onto the other piece.

TronicsFix -

Mines is connected. Trying to see if I should buy another controller or is that why my controller isn't working. Don't have enough for both

Jonathan Butler -

Sorry I meant isn't connected

Jonathan Butler -

Yes, that's why your controller isn't connecting. That's the wifi antenna so that's what's getting the signal from your controller.

TronicsFix -

Hi, my DS4 controller will not connect at all. I have tried everything. I truly mean everything (aside from opening up the console and replacing the wifi antenna or module) The controller's Bluetooth works fine on my PS3 so the problem is obviously the PS4 console. The connection was lost mid game and was never an issue in the past. Also, the controller will not connect no matter how close it is to the system. I feel like this issue is most likely the module. Do you agree? Do you have a step by step guide for unsoldering and resoldering the module? Are there any tips or suggestions you might have? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Jordan Belsky - Contestar

Yes, it's likely the module. Unfortunately, I don't have a guide for that. It's always easier when you have a good quality hot air station. I use a Hakko FR 810b-05. Good luck.

TronicsFix -

Buna am o problema cu ps4 al meu nu mi gaseste routerul din casa sa se conecteze . Am facut tot felul de restarte la router , ps4 , initializare , rebild database etc. si nimic ce ar putea fi ? Va rog ajutatima.

nelu kostraba - Contestar

I was wondering because I don't know what to fix-

My ps4 controller is fine the only problem is that my Ps4 console won't connect to my internet but it's right next to the router and all other devices connect (iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc.) and it won't allow me to access the PlayStation store to download games so whats the problem? Do I fix the wifi antenna or is it something else ?

garrett walker - Contestar

Ps4 controller won't connect to console, the controller works fine on other consoles. Only time the controller works is when the console is in safe mode and connect via Usb. Would this be wifi antenna problem or more serious issue?

Shadane - Contestar

This type of problem is not usually a WiFi antenna problem. Sometimes it can be caused by a bad WiFi card on the board and sometimes it can be caused by faulty software.

TronicsFix -

@tronicsfix thanks for the feed back, so what's the fix for this problem if there is any?

Shadane - Contestar

That just depends on what the problem is. If it's the WiFi card on the motherboard then yes, that's fixable. If it's a software related issue then it's probably not fixable.

TronicsFix -

I seem to be having internet speed problems over my ps4 wifi. I currently pay for 50mbps and my system speed will go from 18mbps up to 47.8mbps. does that sound like the wifi card in my ps4 is going bad or do you think its the modem having issues? Any help would be appreciated.

Don - Contestar

I doubt it's your WiFi card. My guess would be that you don't actually get the speed you pay for. It's very common for people to pay for a certain speed that they don't actually get.

TronicsFix -

Thank you! I took apart my PS4 2 years ago to replace the power supply, which wasn't the issue. I recently found a YouTube video which had a crazy easy fix for my issue that worked. Problem is when I reassembled I got it working but connectivity of my controller would NOT work. Tried everything. Then I saw your article and rechecked the Bluetooth adapter wire back under the power supply and found it was disconnected! I never would have thought to recheck that after two years. Thanks again for the easy fix!

lpa_weisel - Contestar

Cool! Glad this helped!

TronicsFix -

think the wifi/bluetooth module is broken on my PS4. I'm going to fix it myself (or rather have a friend do the soldering job). Do you have any recommendations for the replacement module? I've read about different distance ranges for different bluetooth chips but don't know enough about them to feel confident about choosing one.

Robert Sommer - Contestar

I don't know anything about replacement modules other than the stock ones.

TronicsFix -

I'm considering getting a new Wifi antenna for my PS4, but I want to make sure it is the problem before buying a new one. I do not have a problem with connectivity to my controller; it is only the Wifi connectivity. Even being the only person in the house, I still run about 1-4mbps and sometimes I lose connection even when I am no more than about 30 feet from the router. Does this sound like an antenna problem or internet provider problem?

Chaz Bogan - Contestar

Sounds like probably not a WiFi antenna issue. Most of the time the controller will be disconnecting and acting erratic, etc. when the antenna is bad.

TronicsFix -

My Ps4 recently giving me errors that my Wifi signal is too weak. In setting up the connection it will detect the wifi just not be able to connect to it. Controllers work fine and my router has been restarted multiple times. All other wifi devices in the house work perfectly and my ps4 did as well. I think this antenna is the issue but could it be anything else?

Christopher DeLucia - Contestar

I doubt it's the antenna. If the controller is working fine then it's most likely not the antenna.

TronicsFix -

I'm have an issue where if I have a headset plugged into my controller the audio cuts in and out and it causes my controller to stop working when the audio is cutting in and out. I just replaced my wifi/bluetooth antenna but I'm still having this issue, what else could be causing this issue?

Dereck Ward - Contestar

Maybe you try with another controller.

Thomas Pathe -

You're kidding me right? You actually think I haven't already tried that, I even bought a new controller and it still does it.

Dereck Ward -

So if the Wi-Fi antenna to the PS4 is broke it doesn't like to work properly the paddle

michaelmccullen57 - Contestar

HI, I am the repair tech at a small console repair business and i have an cuh-1215a ps4 that is not responding to any controller input unless in safe mode and my research showed that it was the WiFi/Bluetooth chip on the board that was faulty. i tested it with controllers at the facility and it wouldn’t sync with any of them even on a wired connection. when the ps4 was in safe mode it accepted input but never showed that the remote was synced. now, is the chip faulty or is it a deeply ingrained firmware bug? i’ve already re-flowed the chip and that had no effect, I am at the point where i am going to replace the chip and hope for the best. a rapid response from a more experienced repair facility would be most appreciated. your videos on youtube have helped me with many a diagnosis. thanks

Pawn Plus - Contestar

hi, im looking to buy a wifi antenna replacement for my original ps4. Do you guys have any that arent used and are brand new? i would like to purchase one.

himd himd - Contestar

No, sorry. I don’t know of anywhere to buy them brand new.

TronicsFix -

Also if i cant buy a new one from you guys can you point in the direction to where i can get one .

himd himd - Contestar

I replaced the fan in my ps4 and accidently broke the connector that attaches the antennae to the motherboard. I soldered it but did a crappy job. Now the controller will only work when I'm 2 ft. Away from ps4. Should I purchase a new antennae and just resolder to the motherboard? Is there another way to fix this? Suggestions?

Jason Langley - Contestar

The only good way to fix this is to get a new connector and solder it onto the board correctly. That’s the only good way that I know of to do it.

TronicsFix -

Directly connected with my 4 foot USB charger I have no lagging, my 15 foot USB charger plugged in I have lag, and no charger I have some lagging. My head set plugged into remote I find the audio cutting in and out, unplugging it the audio from the TV works fine. Some lagging on the main menus screen. Two brand new remotes. I’ve disabled any devices that work with Bluetooth or WiFi (cell phones, tablets, laptops) which seemed to help a little bit. Would an new antenna help out in my issues? While replacing my antenna, should there be anything else I should replace/upgrade/look in to? Thanks

Charles - Contestar

Hi, thanks for the guide. My problem is the controller doesn’t work from more than 1 foot away, it starts to lag and disconnect frequently.

However, My wifi works pefectly and isn’t effected at all. Is it still the antenna causing the issues with my controller?


Js Sj - Contestar

Yes that would still be the antenna most likely.

TronicsFix -

''Hi there, can't get past “press home button on controller” to get into safe mode. Controller flashes twice then turns to charge mode. Have tried different wires, controllers etc. Can still turn ps4 on with controller from any distance just can't get past that screen, please help, im this close to smashing it up and sending the bits to sony

R2DTARD - Contestar

Hi Austin,

you should try to connect the controller with a usb-cable! Maybe the controller is not connected to your PlayStation

Thomas Pathe -

Thats what i meant by trying different wires all were usb 3.0 and new. And both controllers are definitely connected hence being able to turn on the ps4 from distance connected and not connected.

R2DTARD - Contestar

I replaced my antenna today with this guide with a stronger antenna….this one

I have my ps4 hardwired, so this was for extending my controller range, which it didn’t seem to do at all….any tips on what would have gone wrong? The replacement is complete and the controller has just about exactly the same range and is responsive. I’m certain I replaced the antenna in this guide and made a mode to run the line for the linked antenna out the side of the PS4…any tips on extending controller range?

Robert Granholm - Contestar

my ps4 stopped connecting to wifi a while ago, uses an ethernet cable fine tho, and now my controllers are laggy and unresponsive. could this fix both issues?

Leland Cox - Contestar

This solely fixes WiFi issues, the Bluetooth module is soldered to the motherboard. So if you are having connection issues with your controller this not going to fix that. Also, this is only going to give you back the ability to connect to a 2.4 GHz network, NOT 5 GHz!

christopherramoutar -

This will eliminate unhealthy radio waves? I use ethernet and wired controllers, but the xbox one needs the wifi card to be physically removed anyway in order to eliminate harmful radio waves, I assume ps4 has the same design failure.

Scarlet Jester - Contestar

this made the replacement sooooo much smoother than it could have gone otherwise! thanks!

Joe Rather - Contestar

if replacing this part dose not work what are my next steps? (i ordered the part i just wanna be ready for worst case)

Jesse - Contestar

Hello, my ps4 possibly got dropped (I’m not quite sure) and suddenly the wifi completely cuts out for 1 second on my PS4 and only my PS4, once an hour. Super annoying, especially playing online games because you get kicked. Would this help? Is it possible my antenna got damaged or no?

Almand - Contestar

Where does the Wifi antenna attach to the motherboard. I was changing the fan and went to put the motherboard back in and the wifi antenna broke off it

john degges - Contestar

I disconnected the pin that holds the antenna… how can I fix this?

yankeecpt - Contestar

Can this wifi antenna work to make my original ps4 work with 5 GHz? And it does it support the connection on the same older controllers? I just want to find out before I buy it.

biteme93 - Contestar

Hi, when I get to the “Press X to Start” screen in any game, the controller stops working and I need to turn it off and turn it on again for make it work. And that happens every time when I change between games screen and menu screen. Do you think I can repair it changing the wifi antenna?

alan.acero36 - Contestar

I know this is older but I was wondering if this might be a fix for a PS4 that is no longer connecting very well to WiFi internet? It used to connect well and other PS4’s connect just fine, but I have one now that the WiFi connection is very poor no matter where we put it.

Bert Beattie - Contestar


Iam having an internet problem..

I try connect but many time after a long time say internet connection failed..

Some times say i ternet connection success but when i try yo load an image in the browser or try connect to PSN say time out and no load any page or do somethink..

Is the problem the chip of internet indife the console?

Πανος Ρουσόπουλος - Contestar

Very easy to follow, performed my repair very fast thanks to this!

xXxxxX - Contestar


super Guide.

habe die Antenne getauscht, habe aber W-lan technisch keinen Unterschied gemerkt. Habe mal zu testzwecken die Antenne abgenommen und den Netzwerktest gemacht. Ergebnis war Controller verliert die Verbindung aber Internet Geschwindigkeit ist gleich wie mit Antenne. Woran kann es liege? Falsche Antenne an dem Anschluss angebaut?

mit freundlichen Gruß

Marcel - Contestar

hi if i want to remove the antenna so that the console cannot ever connect to the internet will i be able to use my controllers plugged in or they wont work at all?

heidi - Contestar

Does this also chage the mac adress? because apparently my isp blocked my mac adress, and im still trying to find a way to change my mac adress if possible. ISPs been very greedy nowadays

Bagas Catur S - Contestar

Hello! My PS4 has been having connection issues over Wi-Fi. It is the only device that has these issues, where it struggles to get above ~60 kbps speeds, while my other devices get speeds of up to 30-40 mbps. Is this an issue with the Wi-Fi antenna or the Wi-Fi card on the motherboard?

koog - Contestar

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