Removing the logic board is a very simple procedure. Hopefully you never have to do this to your Apple TV. Just a note... There is nothing wrong with my Apple TV. I made this guide for those that may need to use it one day. My Apple TV is still running well

Use a spudger to pry the bottom cover off the Apple TV.
  • Use a spudger to pry the bottom cover off the Apple TV.

  • It may be necessary to use two spudgers (one to hold it open while you pry with the other one)

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Carefully remove the bottom cover from the unit
  • Carefully remove the bottom cover from the unit

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  • Remove the pink thermal pad. (I already removed mine)

  • Remove the five philips #1 screws securing the heatsink and logic board to the upper casing.

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  • Using a screwdriver (flathead) or a spudger, pull the power cable out of the logic board

  • Now with a spudger or flathead screw driver, CAREFULLY remove the LED connector. Do this very carefully as this connector is extreme fragile, and easily damaged.

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  • Use a flathead screwdriver or spudger to tilit the logic board to an angle so you can grab it with your hands

  • Holding the logic board by it edges, lift it up slightly.

  • And remove

  • Thats all. The logic board has been removed. Just follow the steps (Step 1-5 in reverse to install the board)

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  • The chip with the grease on is the Apple A4 chip. The thermal pad took the silkscreen off, so its hard to read.

  • The The black ball surrounded by meta is the IR Remote sensor.

  • In the third picture, the power connector and LED status connector are shown.

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  • HDMI Port

  • Micro USB Port (used for diagnostics, and service)

  • Digital TOS Link out (Optical Out)

  • Gigabit Ethernet

  • The second picture shows the thermal pads (pinkish white edge stuff) this keeps the components of the logic board cool and happy.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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