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If you are having difficulties with the VIZIO Smartcast Tablet Remote please take a look at our troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The VIZIO Smartcast Android Tablet Remote XR6M is a wireless touch screen remote control that is compatible with all Vizio P-series and M-series display TVs. This version was released in 2017. It has a 6-inch HD LCD display and dual stereo speakers. It can be used independently as a tablet, as well as a remote to select TV programs and movies to be watched on a TV, or to select music to play on Vizio Smartcast Sound Bars or Speakers. This XR6M version includes a Voice Search feature, allowing for easy selection of desired programs. This version also has an integrated Octa-Core Processor, accounting for its high processing speed relative to older versions. It has a Micro-USB port and a headphone jack. The tablet comes with a stand-up charging port as well as a USB cable for wall charging.

Some common failures of this Tablet Remote that have been experienced by users are problems with charging, problems with the tablet's audio output, freezing or unresponsiveness of the tablet, and difficulty connecting to a wireless network.

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