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Identification and Background

The Sprint Sanyo RL -4920 is the second phone in the Sanyo RL - 4900 series. It is smaller than the 4900 and offers a greater battery life. The RL-4920 is distinguished from its predecessor by the absence of a central menu button. Instead, the RL-4920 has a single menu pad to navigate various aspects of the phone.

The phone now has 5.5 hour of talking time from the previous 4.5 hours. It also has smaller dimensions of 4.22" x 1.85" x 0.85". The RL - 4920 has the ability to send and receive text messages while the RL - 4900 can only receive messages. The color display on the 4920 now has better color display of 16 bit.


For solutions to common problems, check out the Sanyo RL-4920 Troubleshooting Guide



  • Weight: 4.03 oz (114g)
  • Dimensions: 4.22 x 1.85 x 0.85''
  • Frequency Band(s): 800/1900
  • Analog Support


  • Cellular System: CDMA
  • Downloadable Applications Format: J2ME

Telephony Features:

  • Built-in Speakerphone
  • Push-to-talk
  • Caller ID
  • Voice dialing numbers: 30


  • Phone Book Entries: 300


  • Color Display: 16-bit
  • Display Technology: STN
  • Display Resolution: 112 x 128


  • Predictive text input: T9
  • SMS
  • email


  • Voice Memo / Sound Recorder: 50 minutes
  • Alarm Clock

Battery Performance:

  • Stand-by Time: 168 hours
  • Talk Time: 330 minutes
  • Battery Type: 1700 mAh

Additional Information

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