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Troubleshooting ¶ 

Thinkpad A30 troubleshooting guide is here:

IBM Thinkpad A30 Troubleshooting Page

Identification and Background ¶ 

The ThinkPad A30, released October 2001, was developed as a desktop replacement laptop that featured powerful components for its time. The A30 features a Pentium 3 processor, 128-256 MB of PC-133 memory, 14.1" - 15" TFT display, CD-ROM drive (with optional DVD-ROM drive), 20-30 GB Hard disk drive, and integrated graphics. The A30 also includes two modular expansion bays to allow further customization.

The A30 stays consistent with IBM's familiar design; it includes a simple dark shell casing and TrackPoint in the middle of the keyboard. The unit weighs roughly 6.8 lbs.

The specific A30 model can be identified and distinguished by the IBM bar code (bottom of the shell) and by the model label on the bottom right of the LCD bezel.

Additional Information ¶ 

Thinkwiki for the Thinkpad A30

Lenovo User Guides and Troubleshooting for the Thinkpad A30

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