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A troubleshooting guide for the D-Link DCS-5222L can be found here.

The D-Link DSC-5222L Security Camera is an HD pan & tilt network camera capable of wireless and wired connection released at the end of 2011. The camera is able to record directly to a connected device or store recordings on-camera through a microSD card slot, supporting up to 32GB cards.

It is a full color camera with four IR LEDs, a light sensor, and a microphone near the camera lens. There is a Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor built in to the camera, which allows the camera to respond to motion without direct user control. Further, the IR LEDs allow it to function at night or in the dark up to 26 feet in darkness.

This particular model is Hardware version B2 and Firmware version 2.01. This information can be found on the box or on the label attached to the underside of the camera.

Important features of the D-Link DSC-5222L Security Camera include:

  • 720p HD video resolution
  • Night vision
  • 120 degree tilt and 340 degree pan capability
  • Sound and motion detection alerting
  • On-board data storage
  • Wired or wireless control

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