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Estas son algunas de las herramientas comunes que se utilizaron para trabajar en este dispositivo. Es posible que no necesites todas las herramientas para cada procedimiento.


If you are having difficulties with the American Weigh AWS-100, check the troubleshooting page or refer to the Support Questions above.

Background and Information

Released in 2010, the AWS-100 is a portable scale used to accurately weigh objects ranging from .01 to 100 grams. Included with this unit is a back-lit LED display which makes viewing measurements easier. Preventative maintenance is a cinch thanks to the stainless steel area used for weighing. Modes can be cycled through with the use of the push button control. Options are grams, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweights and a separate button for tarring.

The physical weighing capacity is 100g / 3.528oz / 500ct / 1543gn. Readable measured amounts are 0.01g / 0.001oz / 0.05ct /0.2gn. Calibration weight needed is 100g and is not included with the device. Physical dimensions are 3 x 5 x 0.8". Requires 2XAAA batteries to operate and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Additional Information

Amercan Weigh AWS-100 Product Page

American Weigh AWS-100 Product Manual

American Weight AWS-100 FAQs

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