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Our founder, Brian Engelhard, was heartbroken when his beloved phone took the plunge during an adventurous kayaking trip. Hoping for the best, his friend plugged it into an outlet. There were sparks between them … just not in a good way.

Still owing money on his phone and never one to give up on a relationship, Brian took it in for a fix. He was very put off by repair shops’ dishonesty and prices. He even tried buying a phone with a broken screen and had the same dissatisfactory results. With more than 30 years in retail, Brian knew there was a better way to put the customer first and fix their beloved phones in an efficient, fast, and honest manner.

Phone Love was founded from a desire to offer customers the education behind the parts, a selection of quality parts to choose from, and the highest level of service for the phones they love. With a commitment to quality and transparency, Phone Love is changing the smartphone repair landscape.

Phone Love is committed to:

• Elevating customer experience and satisfaction in phone repair.

• Ending the constant phone replacement cycle.

• Reducing phone waste.

• Celebrating the benefits smartphones bring to our lives.