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Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Model GT-I8200. Released November 2012.

This is a troubleshooting guide to help find the solution to problems your Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini may be experiencing.

Battery Drains Quickly

The battery doesn't last more than a few hours.

Use of Numerous Features and Applications

If the battery on your phone drains within a few hours, you may be using numerous applications that are utilizing large amounts of energy. This can be solved by turning off certain features or applications on your phone.

Overheating of Battery

The batteries potential to store energy decreases when the battery becomes hot and may drain much quicker than normal. This can be due to excessive application use.

Faulty Battery

If none of the above solutions help solve the problem, the battery may be ready for replacement.

Phone Won't Turn On

My phone won't turn on when I hold the power button.

Dead Battery

The battery may be completely drained. This may be easily solved by plugging in the phone charger and waiting for the battery to recharge, then trying to turn it on again.

Sticky Power Button

The power button on the side of the phone may be sticking and not activating the power switch. The button may need to be cleaned or replaced.

Faulty Battery

If the above does not help solve the problem, the battery may be ready for replacement.

Experiencing Slow Performance and Errors

My phone takes longer to load things, and sometimes experiences bugs and errors

Applications Have Errors

Downloaded applications on your phone may have errors and can crash when opened or slow other functions of your phone down. This may be solved by deleting the application(s), and re-downloading them.

Phone Freezes or Stutters

Your phone may experience issues with its operating system. If the problem is severe and interrupting the usage of the phone, the solution may be to reset the phone to factory settings by restoring it.

Camera Won't Work

I want to use the camera on my phone, but it appears broken.

Damaged Front or Rear Camera

The front or rear camera on your Galaxy S3 may be damaged, not allowing you to take video or pictures. If this is the case, see the front or rear replacement guides.

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Phone switch on but goes out again. Not battery problem.

psvanstaden47 - Contestar

Phone switches on but goes off again. Not battery fault.

psvanstaden47 - Contestar

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