No matter what you do, you can't get your Toshiba Thrive to turn on.

Before taking apart your Thrive, make sure the battery is charged.

If your Thrive won't turn on, or only turns on while it is charging it could be due to a defective battery. For help on how to replace it click here.

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the LCD is broken. If you can hear your Thrive operating, but can't see anything happening, it is possible the LCD needs to be replaced.

You can't get your Toshiba Thrive to hold a charge.

If you plug in your Thrive and it does not charge or turn on, it's possible that your charger cord is not working. Try using the cord on another device to verify whether it is working or not.

If your Thrive won't charge, it could be because the battery has gone bad. Try replacing the battery before attempting to take your Thrive apart.

If you plug in your Thrive and it does not charge or turn on, it's possible that your charger port is broken or has something jammed in it. Try to dislodge whatever may be blocking the port. If there is nothing there, the port may have to be replaced. You can get step-by-step instructions here.

There is distorted or no sound coming from your Thrive, or sound coming from only one speaker

Make sure that your Thrive is not muted and the speakers are on. Try turning all volumes to the highest setting. If there is still no sound, the speakers may need to be replaced.

The wires connecting the speakers to the motherboard may be loose or damaged. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the wires. If this does not work, the speakers may need to be replaced.

The speakers may have had some liquid damage or have become defective and need to be replaced. You can get steps to do this here.

Your camera won't turn on, does not take pictures, or takes distorted pictures.

Make sure the aperture of the camera is free of any obstructions like dirt, grime, and fingers.

If the previous solutions do not work, the camera may have to be replaced. For instructions, click here.

Your screen doesn't come on, is cracked, or produces distorted images

Try plugging in the device to a power source to make sure that a dead battery isn’t the cause of the problem.

If the screen is cracked, the exterior glass cover needs to be replaced. For instructions, click here.

If the LCD doesn't come on or is still producing distorted images it will have to be replaced.

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My TABLET doesn't have access to the internet . I dropped the tablet about 2 ft.. everything works fine except I can't break through to internet looking for a fix.

sande bedwell - Contestar

I have the ToshibaThrive At105, I just installed a new battery and charged it, thinking this was the problem of the black screen, but it didn't work and I still have a black screen. I tried to reset it holding down the up volume and power button together and still have a black screen. HELP PLEASE

Clint - Contestar

I replaced the battery 4 mo ago. Worked fine until this week. Only half charges (bar midway) Any suggestions?

mary bloom - Contestar

full change, but takes 5+ minutes to come on, only can play 1 game on it. Everything else says force close, wait or report. which none of these work either. HDMI nor USB port works either. No cracks, not dropped just won't half work. No wifi support either anymore.

Dorothy Franks-Hill - Contestar

I can get my tablet to turn on, but then it freezes on the start-up screen and will stay frozen until the battery eventually runs out of juice (there's no way to turn off the device manually while it's frozen. I've let the tablet stay plugged in while frozen for days at a time just to see if it would finally finish starting up, but to no avail. What is the problem here, and how do I fix it? Thanks, in advance, for your help!

Unrelated: the speakers continually make popping/clicking noises when the device is on. This issue started long before the tablet started stalling in start-up mode, and I never have been able to figure out why. Any advice would be most appreciated! :)

Gwyn O'Neal - Contestar

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