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Toshiba TECRA R940-S9421 Troubleshooting

This page is for help in troubleshooting and fixing problems with the Toshiba TECRA R940 Laptop.

Keyboard/Keys Aren't Working Properly

The keyboard is either not working or the keys are sticking

Foreign Object Jamming Keys

It's possible the there is a foreign object jamming or causing the key to stick. This could happen if food or drink has been spilled onto the keyboard.

One fix would be to take the keyboard or key caps apart (read this guide for help removing the keyboard) and clean the pieces to get rid of any substance that could be affecting the keys.

Broken/Malfunctioning Keys

Another problem could be because of mechanical failure. Before taking anything apart, check the functionality by plugging in an external keyboard and testing it. If the keys do not work then usually the problem is with an update with windows. If the keys do work then the problem is mechanical with the keyboard it it will need to be replaced. A replacement guide can be found here.

Cursor is Jittery/Unresponsive

The touchpad isn’t moving the cursor or there is jittery movement

Outdated Driver

One possible problem with the touchpad is that the drivers are out of date. To download new drivers go to, and downloading the latest touchpad driver for your operating system.

Plugging in an external mouse will also be helpful, and will probably work, but the touchpad needs specific drivers separate from any mouse.

Mechanical Issues

If the touchpad still doesn’t work you will need to replace it.

Computer Won't Turn On/Hold a Charge

The laptop is plugged in but not retaining any charge

Computer Not Detecting Battery

The battery needs some charge to be detected by the computer. To determine if this is the issue plug in the computer, remove the battery and hold the power button for at least 20 seconds to remove static and any remaining energy. Now insert the battery. The computer should now detect it and retain a charge.

Faulty Battery

A faulty battery can be easily replaced by ordering a new one online and following the guide found here.

Faulty Charging Cable/Adapter

A faulty or damaged charging cable could be the culprit of your charging issues. These can also be easily searched for online and ordered.

Black Screen Even with Power

The laptop is displaying a black screen after powering on

Windows Error

A black screen upon signing in can possibly be due to an operating system error. By continually clicking F12 you will be able to access an automatic restart page. From this page click on “advanced options”. From there select the following options in this order: Troubleshooting, Advanced Options, Startup Settings, Restart. One you select restart press 4 and this will allow you to start in safe mode. At this point it should be possible to sign in. Once signed in hold down the windows key and press X. This will open an options screen. Click Device manager and expand the Display Adapter option. Finally, right click the display adapter and select “Disable”. Attempt to restart the laptop.

Broken Backlight

If graphics are displayed very faintly on the screen with the brightness at max settings, it is most likely that the backlight has stopped working. A new backlight can be obtained through ordering one online.

Computer is Making an Internal Clicking Noise

There are clicking sounds coming from the laptop

Faulty Driver

Test the speakers by going to the Control Panel>Hardware & Sound>Sound. A new window will open where you can select the speakers and run a test. If the audio is distorted, reinstall the driver. To do so, open up the Device Manager and select Audio inputs and outputs from the list of devices. Right-click on the speakers and select Update Driver. If this does not work, completely reinstall the driver by going back to Device Manager, right-clicking the speaker, and selecting Uninstall. Restart the computer and Windows will automatically reinstall the driver.

Hard Drive Mechanical Problem

Turn off the volume and reboot the laptop. If the clicking continues, the hard drive could be malfunctioning. Follow this link to replace the hard drive.

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