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Sony MDR-XB450AP Extra Bass Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page is for the Sony Extra Bass headphones "MDR-XB450AP." Here you can find some common problems that are found with the device, and some ways to fix them.

Microphone Does Not Receive Audio

When you attempt to talk into the microphone, no audio is received.

Loose Headphone Jack

Make sure the audio is going through the headphones to ensure that the headphones are properly plugged in. If the audio is distorted or fuzzy while listening to calls or other media this could indicate that the headphone jack is only loose. This could cause the microphone to malfunction as well, and cause it to become unresponsive. Check to make sure that the audio jack is fully inserted. If you still receive these problems after you have checked replacement is required and you can refer to [3.5mm audio jack] for further help.

Dirty Device Port

Lint and dust can collect over time in your pockets and this lint can get trapped where the headphones connect to an input device i.e (Iphone, Cellular Phone, Ipad, etc). This makes it so the rings on the jack cannot make full contact with the device. A good way to get rid of this is to take a thin layer of toilet paper and a small toothpick, and use these to brush it lightly against the walls of the headphone jack to clean it. Or you can use compressed air to help remove the debris. It is important to not use anything with moisture though because this could potentially void warranties on your phone.

Microphone Button Unresponsive

The button on the microphone, when pressed does nothing.

Faulty Microphone

The microphone part itself is either broken, or it is malfunctioning. This can be caused by the part getting wet, handled too roughly, or its wiring can be wrong. To further resolve this issue replacement is required.

Sticky Button

Sometimes the microphone can be exposed to different types of materials i.e. (soda pop, juice, candy, etc.) and the residue can cause the button to be stuck. You can tell when the button is stuck like this because it will not press all the way. When the button does become stuck like this take a toothpick and clean the residue out of that area, this will help alleviate the will to stick to the sides as the button is pressed.

Audio Distortion

The quality of the sound produced by the headphones is poor or muted.

Connected Device

Ensure that the audio source is on and working. Test the sound quality when listening using a different connected device. If the audio is only distorted when listening on the original device, this means that the device is the source of the issue. You should also review the sound quality settings on your device, ensure that the settings you have are suitable for the 5-20Hz frequency that the headphones are equipped to handle.

Wiring Failure

Through use of the device wiring can get compromised, this can be caused by factors with normal use. If the wiring is compromised sound will either reach its destination at poor quality or not at all.

Damaged Speaker

Stress put on the speakers through use can cause damage. This will result in distorted audio and affect the listening experience. Resolving this issue will require speaker replacement.

Headphones Will Not Rotate

The rotation of the headphone speakers is not functioning correctly

Wear-Down with Use

Through heavy use of your headphones the swivel pieces that allow the device to be collapsible may become worn out or damaged. This problem can be resolved through a replacement of the pieces.

Swivel Malfunction

The swivel on the headphones that rotates them is either damaged or is not able to be repaired, replacement may be required. In this instance please refer to (swivel replacement guide)

Uncomfortable Headphone Cushions

When you wear the headphones the cushions do not provide any comfort.

Cushion Started Peeling

When the cushion feels uncomfortable, or if the adhesive that keeps the cushion pad on the headphones is starting to give way. Check to see if simple adhesive (glue, super glue) can re-attach the cushion pad. If not then replacement may be needed, for this please refer to [ear cushion replacement guide]. If the ear cushion stays in the place that’s great, if not you have to order another size for your headphone.

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Is there a way to open up the speaker piece? There is a piece of something that rattles on the inside of the speaker housing.

Blind Burrows - Contestar

My headphones, when turned on or I paused, will sometimes begin on full volume, hurting my ears. Why is this happening? I have an iPhone 6 on iOS 12.2

Elijah - Contestar

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