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Sony CFD-8 Troubleshooting

The Sony CFD-8 is a boombox manufactured in 1998 with cassette, CD, and FM/AM radio capabilities.

Boombox won't power on ¶ 

It's just not turning on.

Boombox is not plugged in ¶ 

Check to make sure that the boombox is plugged in. Without a power source the boombox will be unable to function.

Batteries are dead ¶ 

Your boombox may be powered by batteries instead of a power cord. If this is the case try replacing the batteries using the battery replacement guide.

Boombox isn't making sound ¶ 

It's not making sound.

Volume is turned down ¶ 

Make sure you have either the radio, cassette player or CD player running properly. If one of them is running but there is still no sound the volume might not be turned up. Try turning it to a higher setting.

Speakers are broken ¶ 

If the volume is on but there is still no sound then the speakers may be broken. Check that the radio/CD player/cassette is properly set up. If the device is still not making sound refer to the speaker replacement guide to replace your speakers.

Buttons are broken ¶ 

I'm clicking the buttons but nothing is happening.

Device is not powered on ¶ 

Check to see if the boombox is powered on. If boombox won't turn on, refer to troubleshooting on power problems above.

Device is under the wrong setting ¶ 

The CFD-8 has different settings depending on what component you would like to use. On the top left of the device there is a switch to change the mode of the boombox. Make sure that the device is on the proper setting for the component you would like to use.

Buttons are jammed ¶ 

If the buttons are not moving, they may be jammed. This requires cleaning or replacement to solve. Use the front panel removal guide to access the buttons. The buttons snap off easily and can be dusted with a cloth.

CD is malfunctioning ¶ 

The CD player won't play my music.

CD player is not activated ¶ 

Check to make sure the button on top of the device is set to CD, not radio or cassette.

CD compartment is not closed ¶ 

If there is something obstructing the compartment door the CD player will not work. Check to make sure that the CD compartment is fully closed and the CD is orientated properly within the compartment.

CD is scratched or dirty ¶ 

A common cause of skipping or looping playback is a scratched or dirty CD. Remove the CD from the boombox. Clean it gently with rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth. If the problem persists try using a different CD.

Lens is dirty ¶ 

The lens may be dirty. Clean the lens, CD, and CD compartment. Do this using a clean cloth. Dampen the cloth with rubbing alcohol and gently clean the components.

Cassette player is not working ¶ 

My cassette player won't play tapes.

Cassette is damaged or broken ¶ 

The cassette could be damaged. If the tape is loose use a finger to rewind the cassette reel. If there are still problems try a different cassette.

Cassette player is damaged ¶ 

If the drive hub is slow or not moving there may be a problem with the motor or motor belt. This has do do with a rubber band that connects to a motor in the cassette player. Refer to the motor belt replacement guide to fix this.

Radio will not play ¶ 

The FM/AM audio sounds fuzzy or is not working.

Weak signal strength ¶ 

You may have weak signal strength. Try moving the tuner wheel to find a stronger signal. If you can not pick up any radio signal try moving to a different location. Also check that the antenna is up and extended. The radio may struggle to pick up a signal without it.

Antenna is broken ¶ 

If you have tried using the advice above and are still experiencing difficulties the antenna may be broken and need to be repaired or replaced. If this is the case, replace the antenna using the antenna replacement guide.

3 Comentarios

My Sony portable radio - model ZS-PS55B, keeps turning off after 15 minutes.

I have tried to set the sleep timer to off but the radio still keeps turning off after 15 minutes.

The radio is still under guarantee, but if the problem is easily fixed, I would prefer not to return it to the Supplier.

Can anyone help solve this problem.

Chukka - Contestar

You're probably screwed.... I've had multiple SONY products randomly go bad after a few years. My sony CFD e90 randomly just stopped working and so did a few SONY voice recorders that I have. However, my 1985 sony FH 15r boombox is still working so I don't know if SONY started putting a killswitch in their new products or what/

Muneeb Ghori -

Brand new cd/cassette/an/fm boom box. Power is out, so tried to turn on using batteries. Won't do ANYTHING. I just went and bought new batteries. Still nothing. Any ideas?

Nora Heard - Contestar

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