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SodaStream Source Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you address problems to better operate your SodaStream Source.

Soda is not Fizzy Enough

Finished soda is flat, it does not have enough bubbles.

Water Temperature is Incorrect

Using warm water generally results in fewer bubbles. Cold water is recommended for best results.

Start with Carbonated Water

Using carbonated water, that is unflavored, will result in more bubbles. You will be adding additional carbonation and the soda will have more overall fizz.

The Loader Tab is Immobile

When pressure is applied to the lever, it does not move.

Incorrect Starting Angle

The nozzle and tab should be angled away from the SodaStream before the bottle is inserted. The tab may be caught, try gently lifting the tab away from the body of the machine.

Hear Gas Escaping

You hear a high pitched noise coming from your machine

Carbonation Canister is Loose

If the Carbonation canister is not set firmly, you may hear excess gas leaving the machine. This can be caused by having worn out or too many washers, or if the canister is not screwed in enough. Make sure the canister is securely fastened before and after use.

*Note: Recent carbonation bottles have been recalled due to the possibility of bursting under pressure. If this issue of gas escaping occurs, and your bottle was purchased between Feb. 2016 and Jan. 2017, consider changing out the canister and checking if your bottle was part of the recall.

Gas Tube is Loose

The 2" long white gas tube on some models can become loose. This is located in the connection area and goes inside your bottle. You will feel the CO2 escaping as you press the lever on the top of the machine to dispense the gas. Tighten down and proceed as normal.

SodaStream is Unresponsive

When trying to operate the SodaStream, nothing happens.

Too Many Sealer Washers

If there are too many washers present the carbonation bottle will not be able to hold in place. Be sure to check the carbonation attachment area with tweezers. If you pull out one little black rubber ring and there is a second one present underneath, leave the second one and keep the extra one for future use.

Washer Needs to be Replaced

After time, the sealer washer can become less firm in the carbonation attachment area. This will cause the carbonation bottle to shift or not hold firm once attached. To change, take a pair of tweezers and pull the little black rubber ring out of the area where the carbonation bottle attaches to the SodaStream. Replace this with another washer and try to reattach the carbonation bottle. If the bottle holds firm the machine should respond once again.

Nothing Turns On

If you are trying to use your SodaStream, and nothing is happening (i.e. there are no lights on your three-level carbonation indicator), you may need to replace the battery or interface chip located within the carbonation button on the front of the machine. See our guide for instructions.

Leaking during carbonation

When the SodaStream is operating, there is leaking around the opening of the soda bottle.

Bottle is not in Correct Place

Make sure the bottle is completely upright. The carbonation nozzle has downward force and may spray if the bottle is inserted at an angle.

Bottle is not Fully Attached

The nozzle must be fully inserted in the clear plastic bottle to avoid leaking. When inserting the bottle go in at an angle, screw in the bottle, then gently push the lever.

Incorrect Starting Liquid

Always use water or unflavored carbonated water with your SodaStream. Using other liquids such as juice or a soda that has gone flat you risk damaging your SodaStream. Using other liquids may result in a fizzy mess.

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help!! my soda stream metal unit will not slide down over bottle

Roberta Talefich - Contestar

Lets get one thing straight

Sodastrem is $@$*

My first top of the line unit POWER failed after 3 months

The next unit I got doesn’t work AT ALL


Richard B -

When I push the buttons, all of the lights flash and nothing happens.

D Farr - Contestar

Ditto All the lights are flashing and nothing happens

Trevor Wilkins - Contestar

I am having the same problem. Have you found a solution?

Alf Simon -

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