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Samsung UBD-KM85C Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Samsung UBD-KM85C.

Device Won't Turn On

Samsung UBD-KM85C device will not power on.

Faulty Power Cable

Ensure the power cable is plugged into both the device and the outlet. If the cable is plugged into both and the problem persists then consider purchasing a replacement power cable.

Faulty Power Port

The power cable is plugged into both the device and the outlet, you know that the cable has been working, but the device will still not turn on. Replace the power port using this guide (link).

Device Won't Play DVD's

Device will not read the DVD's after multiple cleanings and no scratches, and/or will not open the drive.

Faulty DVD Drive

If your Samsung UBD-KM85C's DVD drive does not open or does not read DVD's, the DVD drive may be broken and needs to be replaced using this guide Samsung UBD-KM85C Disc Drive Replacement

Foreign Object Jamming Disc Drive

After pressing the eject button, the DVD tray will not fully eject then immediately goes back into the device. Check to see if there are any objects foreign to the device jammed into the DVD drive.

Device Overheating

"Device is heating up at a rapid rate causing the device to not function correctly."

Foreign Object Disrupting Fan

The device is overheating and making a very loud noise from the inside. Check the device for any object hindering the spin of the fan.

Faulty Device Fan

There are two fans, Fan A and Fan B, located within the device. If the device is heating at a rapid pace, and other electrical components seem to stop working then find which fan, or both, that are not working and replace them using these guides.

Samsung UBD-KM85C Fan A Replacement

Samsung UBD-KM85C Fan B Replacement

Trouble Connecting Device to Wi-Fi

"The device will not connect to the wireless internet connection through multiple attempts."

Check With Wi-Fi Provider

If the Wi-Fi seems to not be working, check with other devices that have a wireless connection capability. If those also are not connecting, then call the Wi-Fi provider.

Faulty Network Wi-Fi Module

If the device will not connect with the wireless internet connection, multiple attempts have been tried, and you have confirmed that the wireless connection is working with other devices, then replace your Wi-Fi network module using this guide Samsung UBD-KM85C WiFi Module Replacement

Failure to Boot

"The device has been plugged in, turned on, and everything should be in working order, but the device itself does not turn on.."

Faulty Motherboard

After multiple attempts are made to turn the device on and the other parts of the device have been checked and should be in working order, but still the device will not work. Then replace the motherboard using this guide Samsung UBD-KM85C Motherboard Replacement

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