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Samsung NP-R540-JA09US Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the NP-R540-JA09US.

Laptop Overheating

Your laptop is warm to the touch and powers off.

Obstructed Vents

Make sure your computer is placed on a flat surface, allowing air to flow through the vents.

Excess Dust

The most likely cause of overheating computers is dust. Check the vents on your laptop and remove any dust buildup.

Software Settings

Some computers have software that can change the speed of the cooling fan. If you have this software, set your cooling fan to a higher speed and check whether the problem has been resolved.

Bad Cooling Fan

If you hear low or irregular noise from the computer's vents, the fan may be damaged. Replace it by following our Fan Replacement Guide, and make sure the new one is functioning correctly.

Keyboard Not Working

Keys are missing, broken, or unresponsive.

Replacing the Keyboard

It is likely that you will need to replace the entire keyboard; you will probably need to obtain one from the manufacturer or somewhere else online. After you have the replacement keyboard you can follow our Keyboard Replacement Guide.

Unresponsive touchpad

The laptop does not respond to movement and clicking on the touchpad.

Disabled touchpad

Check that the touchpad has not been disabled. This can be done by pressing either of the “Fn” keys, which are on the bottom left and bottom right, along with the “F10” key. This should toggle the touchpad between on and off.

Faulty Drivers

If the touchpad has been enabled but the laptop still does not register its use. Then the driver might be corrupted or have some other issue. Using an external mouse to navigate, go to the Control Panel then to the Device Manager then to the Mice and other pointing devices. Here go to update driver software then search automatically for updated software software.

Device not powering on

The device is not turning on when the power button is pressed

Power Cable

Check the power cable for any damage, and ensure that each segment is fully connected. If the cable is intact and fully connected, consider testing to see if the outlet is supplying power with another device. If the outlet is indeed supplying power, inspect each connection point in the cable for any debris that could be preventing a solid connection. In the case of using an alternative power cable, check the adapter for a switch, if one exists, ensure that the switch is in the on position. An indication that the cable is working fine is a light being turned on the adapter, a large box on most power cables.


Ensure that the battery is free of damage and that it is completely connected to the device. If the power cable works fine, but the device's button does not light up, this may be an indication of a failed battery, or a damaged motherboard.

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