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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Troubleshooting

Common Problems for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

For some odd reason your phone just won't turn on.

Before completely tearing the device apart be sure to hold the button for at least 8 seconds, if that doesn't work read a bit more...

It is possible that the device has died because it hasn't been charged in a while. Try plugging it into the charger and leaving it in for 30 minutes and then returning to check on it. If the problem still persists...

There is a possibly that something happened to your battery and it is now completely dead. A possibility is that there could be water damage. This will need to be replaced.

Are your calls just not going through to other people?

Antenna is located along the right side of the wall on the back of the phone. Please make sure the Antenna is on the appropriate place and is not being covered by other metals.

Your device might be out of the service range, which you will see the No Symbol instead of the service bar. Try relocating your device to a better location.

Please hold your power button for 3 seconds, which will bring up the power menu and turn off the Air Plane mode.

Or go to your network setting on your phone and check off Air Plane mode.

It is possible that you could have forgotten to pay your phone bill. For example, your carrier will cut off your service if the bills are not paid on time. If you're not sure, contact your carrier.

Your device's SIM card will need to be replaced by your carrier.

I dropped my phone and my screen is cracked.

You dropped your device and now there is a massive crack on the main display glass screen. You will need to replace the main display glass screen here.

Are you just not getting the picture quality you are used to getting?

It is possible that the camera could have been smudged with something in your pocket or purse and just needs to be cleaned. Wipe the camera lens with a microfiber cloth to clean the glass.

You will need to replace the front camera lens here.

You will need to replace the back camera lens here.

Are the sounds from the speaker just not coming out like they used to? Does it sound like a muffed noise is coming out?

Sometimes the volume is low and we just don't realize that it's so low that we can barely hear it. Push on the top of the volume button to attempt to increase the volume.

It is possible that the speakers could be dirty from extensive use, so cleaning it could could be a great way to fix the device. If the sound doesn't go up, use an alcoholic-based mini-rag or a micro-fiber cloth to attempt to clean the speakers.

If you cleaned your speakers, but the speakers are still not working for some reason the speakers will need to be replaced.

People are complaining that you sound very strange on the phone or they can't hear you even when you're yelling into the phone.

Use an alcohol micro-fiber cloth to clean the mic.

The microphone in the device will need to be replaced.

You plug in your headphones into the headphone jack and expect to hear audio, but you don't hear a thing!

Some strange debris could have ended up in the headphone jack and now it has stopped working due t the debris. You could turn it upside down and hope enough of the debris falls out for it to start working again, or take it apart using the headphone jack replacement guide and instead of replacing it use a microfiber cloth to clean it or simply replace it using the replacement guide.

There is a possibility that you could have been on the phone in the shower, while it was raining outside, or you could have sweat in your pants so much that it affected your phone and now the headphone jack will not work. This will need to be replaced.

Can you not hear other people when they're calling you? There may be something wrong with your earpiece

Water could have possibly gotten into the ear piece and is distorting the sound on your end. This will need to be replaced.

For some odd reason the screen will not respond to your touch.

Is there water on your screen while you're touching the screen, try removing the water with a dry cloth. If you have a screen protector on the device it is possible that the screen protector is too thick and it could be conflicting with the screen not responding.

If the problem still persists attempt to soft reset your phone by holding down the power button.

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My nexus i9250 is working but the display light is totally off, and the screen is full black, what to do? I can receive calls and feel the touch vibration!

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