When pressing on the power button, the cell phone will not power on.

  • Check if battery is drained. If so, charge the battery for 5 minutes and then try to power on again.
  • Remove any residue or debris found on phone or battery terminal with a soft and dry cloth.
  • Check if the battery is seated correctly.

The battery does not stay charged as long as it did when the phone was new.

  • Close all applications running in the background.
  • Close all applications before turning the display off.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Turn off the connection to GPS satellites when not in use.
  • Try not to use certain features which use more data (ie. camera, browsing, email) for an extended time.
  • Adjust to shorter delay time for the screen to automatically turn off.
  • Lower the display brightness.
  • Stay in the area of good signal coverage while using the phone.
  • Always charge with the Pantech authorized AC charger.

One or both of the phone's keyboards are not functioning properly.

  • Check if you are on a page that allows keyboard use (some applications do not allow keyboard use).

It is difficult or impossible to hear anything through the phone's speaker.

  • Make sure device is not grabbed in such a way that would block the sound.
  • Check the phone volume.
  • Check that there is actually something playing that makes sound.

Even though you are talking, the other party is unable to hear you.

  • Check if phone is on Mute. If so, please deactivate Mute feature.
  • Turn volume up to a level in which the other party can be heard.

The phone's camera is unable to capture a satisfactory image.

  • Check if camera lens is dirty. If so, clean camera lens with soft, dry cloth.
  • Check if lens seal is present. If present, remove seal.

The phone will not complete a call.

  • Make sure you are in an area with good cellular signal. Check cell signal indicator at top left of the phone screen.
  • Check if phone is in Airplane mode. If so, deactivate Airplane mode.
  • After entering the phone number, be sure to press the dial icon.

Text messages cannot be sent from and/or received by the phone.

  • Check if you are in coverage service area.
  • Check if your phone is set on Airplane mode. If so, deactivate Airplane mode.
  • Check that you have not blocked certain messages such as Advertisement or Messages from Anonymous Sender in Messaging Settings.
  • If device memory is full, it cannot send and/or receive text messages. If device memory is full, delete any messages currently in your inbox and outbox to enable messaging.

The phone will not pair with a compatible Bluetooth device.

  • Check if Bluetooth is turned on.
  • Check if the Bluetooth device you would like to pair is fully charged.
  • Check if Bluetooth device you are trying to pair with is within 33 ft (10 meters) of your phone.
  • Bluetooth devices currently connected to other devices may not support pairing with your phone. Turn off the connection of the other Bluetooth device first and try pairing it with your phone.
  • Scan for devices first and attempt to pair when the device is found.
  • Bluetooth connection may fail by a possible radio interference with Wi-Fi signal. Turn off Wi-Fi and try pairing with Bluetooth device again.

Multi Media Messages and/or Email Attachments will not Load.

  • Confirm your account's Username and Password in Incoming/Outgoing server settings. It may be due to Authentication error.
  • If the account is set up properly, but you cannot send an email through the email provider's server, change your Incoming and Outgoing settings in Account settings. Try sending an email with each Security type - SSL and SSL (Accept all certificates).
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi and try a test email using 3G. If Wi-Fi is already off, turn on and try it.
  • Try sending email using Gmail or other email account. It may be the problem of email service provider's end.
  • Turn off the phone, turn it on again and try sending a test email.

Error messages appear when phone is plugged into PC using USB data cable.

  • Check cord connection to cell phone.
  • Make sure the correct PC Suite is installed on PC.
  • If the correct PC Suite is not downloaded, download the compatible PC Suite with your Pantech Cross and connect to PC
  • Download and install PC Suite and open it on your PC
  • Connect desired device to PC with USB data cable.
  • Wait until your PC searches for the New Hardware Port and install the driver for your device.
  • Once installed, the device will automatically open the Data Manager Application and appear Connected.

The phone stops working because it is too hot.

  • If your phone is in use for prolonged periods of time, it may become warmer. In most cases, this condition is normal and therefore not a failure of the device.

The phone's display is stuck on one image.

  • Power cycle the device by normally turning off and on the phone.

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