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Netgear Arlo 2 Camera HD Security System Troubleshooting

Model VMC 3030

Battery Drains Quickly

The battery drains before the expected six months.

Placement of Camera

The camera may be placed where the motion sensor is activated too frequently. Move camera to lower traffic area to prevent unnecessary activation of the motion sensor. Remove objects that could move in front of the camera and trigger the sensor.

Faulty Batteries

If there is no environmental cause clearly draining the battery, the batteries may be faulty. Replace batteries with the manufacturer-recommended brand.

Faulty Battery Connectors

An issue with the anode or cathode causes faster drain of the batteries. Check anode and cathode for damage, poor connection, debris, or short circuit. Fix or replace the damaged connections or clean and remove debris.

Recordings are Blurry

Water droplets can be seen behind the lens, obscuring the video.

Case is Loose

Check seams for overlap or give. If any overlap or give is found, remove batteries and the loose panel, and leave to air dry in a dry, moderate, environment overnight or until moisture is visibly gone.

Protective Lens is Dammaged

Check the face of the camera to see if the transparent case covering the lens is damaged or dirty. If so refer to Guide Five to access and remove the transparent case.

Case is Visibly Cracked

Remove batteries and the loose panel, and leave to air dry in a dry, moderate, environment overnight or until moisture is visibly gone. Then replace broken panel. Please view this video to help understand how to remove this piece Guide One.

Camera Lens is Damaged

If the picture is blurry and it is not due to an external factor, please refer to Guide Three to locate, examine and possible replace the camera lens.

Motion Sensor Doesn't Activate

Camera has power and records video, but does not activate with motion as expected.

Lens Is Covered

There could something blocking the camera’s line of sight to the desired location. Move the camera or objects in front of the the camera so that there is an unobstructed view of the target location.

Sensor Over Low-Traffic Area

The sensor works sometimes, but not always where there is motion. This can be because the sensor is facing an area where that is rarely moved through. Adjust where the sensor is aimed at to a spot of higher traffic, where motion is more likely to be caught by the sensors.

Motion Sensor is Malfunctioning

The motion sensor does not respond to motion directly in view. Clean the motion sensor lens. If this does not work or the lens is visibly damaged, replace the lens. If the motion sensor still is unresponsive, clean and check for damage on the motion sensor. If there is damage to the sensor, repair and replace as needed. Please view this helpful video providing information on cleaning this device. Guide Four.

No Image at Night

The camera does not capture video as expected in low lighting.

Lighting Conflicts

There could be bright light that overwhelms the camera that is either too close to the camera or has damaged the camera’s receptors. Remove or turn off external lights while night vision is operating. Move camera to a darker location with less glare when removing external lights is not an option. If issues with night vision persist, check the night vision camera for damage and replace as needed.

Infrared LED’s

The infrared LED's are not producing enough light for the camera to pick up a clear image. Check LED’s to make sure they are functioning and replace if they are dead. Check any damaged connections to the LED’s and repair or replace as need. Please vies this video to help you determine if the LED bulbs are damaged or have failed, Guide Four.

System Doesn't Send Notifications

No notifications are received through the app or email. The device will not sync to the app or computer.

Low Battery

The batteries in the camera are drained. Replace the old batteries with new ones from a recommended brand.

Faulty Bluetooth

The bluetooth of either the pairing device or the Arlo camera is faulty. Check the bluetooth of the pairing devices then check the bluetooth of the Arlo device. Replace any bluetooth found to be faulty.

App Not Up to Date

The version of the app being used is outdated and missing important updates needed to function. Visit your app store and select the option to update app's, Select Arlo to pdate the Arlo app.

Subscription Expired

The subscription to Arlo’s services is expired. Check the subscription and renew if expired. If the problem persists after renewing the subscription, contact Arlo.

Can Not SYNC

Can not connect to other devices. Check that the SYNC button is functioning properly to locate and examine please refer to Guide Two.

The Case is Cracked

The side of the camera’s case is damaged which could allow outside elements to get into the device.

Damaged Case

The case has a crack in it but the camera is still working properly. Replace the broken section of the case. Guide One

Internal Damage Due to Cracked Case

The camera no longer functions due to foreign elements getting into the device through the cracked case. Check the warranty of the device to see if it is still active. If the warranty is still valid, follow it’s instructions to have the broken device replaced. If not, contact Arlo.

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