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Motorola E815 Troubleshooting

Phone Does Not Turn On

The phone does not make noise or light up when it is turned on.

Dead Battery

If your phone does not turn on, the battery may be discharged. If your battery is not charged, plug your phone in using the charger cord, wait a few moments, and try turning the phone on again.

Bad Power Button

If your battery is functional and your phone still does not turn on, you will need to replace your power button. To replace your power button you will have to replace your entire keypad by disassembling your phone. See Replacing Keypad Repair Guide.

Battery Life Is Unsatisfactory

The phone does not retain its charge.

Excessive Phone Usage

If your battery does not seem to last as long as it used to, you should take note of how much you are using your phone in a given time period. If you are on the phone more than 5 hours a day or sending more than 300 text messages a day, the battery will not last as long as if the phone is on but in standby mode.

Bad Battery

If the battery life is still poor with normal usage, you will need to replace the battery. Your battery is bad if your phone cannot hold charge for more than 8 hours. A new battery can be purchased from an authorized retailer. See Replacing Battery Repair Guide.

Service is Poor

The phone does not connect to the network, making it impossible to dial or receive calls.

Bad Antenna

If the phone does not connect at all, you may need to replace the antenna. You can purchase a new antenna from an authorized retailer. See Removing Broken Antenna.

Bad Service Provider

If the phone is dropping calls or has poor call quality, it most likely that your phone service provider is not working. Contact your phone service provider to resolve the issue. If they do not solve your problem to your satisfaction, switch service providers.

Phone Buttons Do Not Work

Pushing buttons on the keypad yields no response.

Buttons Do Not Depress

If your buttons do not depress, you will need to dismantle the phone and replace the rubber keypad. See Replacing Keypad Repair Guide.

Buttons Depress With No Response

If your buttons depress and are still unresponsive, you will need to replace the keypad circuit board. The circuit board is located under the rubber keypad and you will need to dismantle the phone to replace it. See Replacing Keypad Repair Guide.

Screen is Cracked or Black

The screen has a crack or is always black.

Bad Screen

If you drop your phone and the screen gets cracked or turns black, the screen will need to be replaced. Purchase a new screen from an authorized retailer. For front screen see Replacing Front Screen Repair Guide. For inside screen see Replacing Inside Screen Repair Guide.

Screen Is Frozen

The screen is lit but remains still and unchanging.

Reset Phone

If you are using your phone and it becomes unresponsive, the screen is frozen. Try resetting your phone by removing the battery. If that does not work, you most likely have a bad mother board, which will need to be replaced.

Help! None of the Above!

None of these issues describe my problem.

Try calling a tech-savvy friend for help. If they cannot help, try contacting Motorola or your service provider. In addition, the sites listed below may be able to help solve your problem.

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