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Magic Bullet NutriBullet Troubleshooting

The NutriBullet, family of the Magic Bullet, is one of the most efficient blenders to extract nutrients from fruits and vegetables in a matter of seconds.

NutriBullet Will Not Turn On ¶ 

The blender will not respond and does not show any signs of powering up.

The blender is not plugged into a wall source ¶ 

Check to make sure the cord is properly plugged into the wall outlet. The wall outlet must provide a minimum of 120 volts. Any voltage less than 120 volts will not turn the NutriBullet on.

The blender has a faulty cord ¶ 

Inspect to see if the cord is torn or wire is exposed. If it is, then follow these guidelines to replace the cord.

The cup is missing a tab ¶ 

Check the cup you're using to see if a tab has broken off. If it has, the blender will not power up.

NutriBullet Leaks ¶ 

The device is blending food, but there are evident leaks and spillage.

Extractor blade is not screwed onto the cup lid tightly ¶ 

Check to see that the extractor blade is screwed onto the cup lid properly by using the ridges on the cup as a guide. If it still does not screw on properly, order a new one here.

Rubber seal on extractor blade is torn or ripped ¶ 

There is a rubber seal called the gasket on the underside of the extractor blade. This helps to secure it to the cup and prevent leakage. If it is torn or ripped, follow this guide to replace it.

Cup is not properly secured into the powerbase ¶ 

Ensure the cup is tightly secured and locked into the high-torque power base. There are three slits on the powerbase that match the three lips located on the side of the cup.

There are cracks on the interior or exterior parts of NutriBullet ¶ 

Detach the cup from the high-torque power base and inspect all parts of NutriBullet powerbase to ensure no cracks are found. If there is a crack, the NutriBullet could expose wires or fast moving components. If a crack is found on the base, replace it. If a crack is found on the cup or lid, purchase a new one.

Blades Do Not Turn ¶ 

Although the device is plugged in and on, the blades refuse to turn.

The blender has been in use for a prolong period of time ¶ 

The makers of the NutriBullet recommend that you do NOT blend for more than 1 minute. Prolonged use of the machine can cause the motors to wear out quickly, which can affect the blades.

Motor refuses to turn even though cord is plugged into a wall source ¶ 

If the blades do not turn and you notice a burning smell, unplug the power base and let it cool for an hour. The powerbase will reset once the unit is unplugged.

Activators refuse to operate even though cup is tightly secured to the powerbase ¶ 

In order for the NutriBullet to blend, there are special white activators on the top of the power base which begins the blending process. If the blades fail to turn when the cup is in the powerbase, the activators could be stuck. Follow these instructions to replace the activators.

Blades Refuses to Cut or Blend Food ¶ 

The blades will not blend food items fully or takes a long time to do so.

There is food stuck in between the blades ¶ 

First, unplug the NutriBullet from the outlet and remove the extractor blade to clear any obstruction or build up of food. Be careful not to cut or injure yourself in the process.

The cup is too full to blend or cut food ¶ 

Depending on which cup you are using (30 oz Short Cup or 45 oz Oversized Cup), there is a max line which determines how much food or liquid is recommended. Surpassing the max line could prevent the blades from cutting or blending food.

The blades are spinning, but refuses to blend or cut food to its entirety ¶ 

Blades may be dull and new replacement blades can be ordered here.

Blender Stops Suddenly During Use ¶ 

When you are using the NutriBullet, the machine stops suddenly during use.

Blender becomes unplugged during use ¶ 

Ensure that the cord is still plugged in the wall and has not come out during its use.

The blender has wires and other components exposed ¶ 

Loose wires and other internal components from the device may become exposed during the course of use. If so, please refer to the replacement guide on how to replace the outside casing, which makes it easier to work on internal parts of the device.

61 Comentarios

I would like to point out there is a flaw concerning the base attachment. The flaw being the direction the base rotates in will cause the cup to become loose. This in turn causes the unit to leak. Refitting with left hand threaded cups and blade assemblies would alleviate this problem.

henrysisson - Contestar

I have just purchased a 900W machine and it leaks like a sieve!! there is nothing broken or torn the cup just seams to come undone whilst the machine is running, this is hopeless

Helen -

My Nutribullet cup with blades attached will not drop down into the blending mechanism. It stops about an inch above, so doesn't get close the the white activator switches. What is it hitting? How can I fix this?

astarrfire - Contestar

I have this same problem, have you found a resolution?

babehre -

I have the same problem today, have you find any answer?

Elizabeth Rauda -

I called them they helped me rested the white strips on the inside of the unit. Call customer service they can help you.

Amy Zangerle -

I am also having this problem, but nothing obviously blocking it...?

sianellingworth - Contestar

I am also having this issue. The cups seems to be down all the way and it turns on but the base grinds down the rubber tips on the bottom of the blade base. I'm on my second one and it's doing it again! So annoying. Need to find a blender that works

Ann Marie - Contestar

I am having a problem with the bottom inserting completely into the housing. it is not even reaching the white activators and is sitting about 1/4 in above them. I cannot see any problems so What Is Up?? I tried both blade assemblies and neither one will fully insert into the base. Suggestions? Is there a part that is missing that I have not noticed? I cannot find any photos of the top of the motor housing..

I used it yesterday and it worked fine.

amydelachica - Contestar

I have this problem too, did you find a fix?

Pete -

I am having this problem too

scseley -

Hi not sure if you got this fixed but I had same problem and realise the lip ring was stuck inside the base unit (I had popped it in there to store it safely). It looks like it's part of the base so easy to miss. Just lifted it out with a fork. I sent a message with a pic to the Nutirbullet Facebook Page and they helpful sent me a few pics back showing what it should look like and how to fix it.

kirstenpegller -

Wow--Kristenpegller was right--I feel stupid--

fcw -

If you rotate the cup one or two positions to connect it to the base and lock it in it will go on, at least that worked for me.

Nancy d -

I am unable to screw cup off base of nutribullet. What do I do?

mena rechichi - Contestar

I had this same problem. They helped me reset my little white strips on the inside of the unit. Fixed it right away. Call customer service they will help you and it's a fast phone call.

Amy Zangerle - Contestar

does water leeking from the cup not tightened properley damage the motor

crystalteacher - Contestar

I was making my husband a smoothie and I made sure the lid was on well and it leaked everywhere and then the cup was stuck on the base and I couldn't get it off. Now the machine on pulses when being used. I just bought this and love it and I cant afford to buy another one and I don't think the reciept was saved.

kittycatcrisper - Contestar

Same problem. Mine was a gift to me and I'm very disappointed. It leaks all over my counter. I used it twice and I may toss it. I wish I could send this crappy thing back. It scares me!

precision Brown -

Ours leaked on the first use, took it back and got another one. It lasted about 1 week and started leaking as well, I contacted the company and they sent me a new blade. Put it on and it continues to leak. I have just contacted the company again. It's an absolute mess to try and use the way it leaks out into the base. Sorry I bought this.

pjent1 -

It is very difficult to push the container down to engage the system. Very stiff. Seems almost stuck. I need to use a lot of force not every time , but much of the time. I am concerned that I will break the small tips on the container that activate the process. Help or suggestions?


Bob Leslie - Contestar

Sorry no help or suggestions mine leaked the first time I used it so once more and it may be history. I hate it!

precision Brown -

Personally my ninja was a gift and the very bottom leaks all over. I'd never buy one of these for anyone ever!

precision Brown - Contestar

Ninja was given to me as a gift. I thought I'd be impressed but I'd never buy anyone this thing ever! I'm afraid to use it. I'd love to send it back!!

precision Brown - Contestar

if the cup doesn't fit down into the base correctly just short of reaching the tabs you're ream lid may have fell down into the base you can ease it out with a fork

gibbonst48 - Contestar

I am the same, poor set up, when I make a smoothie the base unwinds and smoothie goes everywhere

The base needs to lock into place then there wouldnt be a problem, I may look into slotting the base and gluing a block for it to slot into,

If the base doesnt go down , I found the motor and the tabs on the base were hitting, simple fix, just moved the motor around a fraction and down it went.

I am surprised NUTRIBULLET has not made comment as to the comments on here, or made suggestions on fixes.

does worry me about liquid going down around the motor

other than that yes its a great item

mitchfj12 - Contestar

I find it is extremely difficult to even get the blade on the jar - does not align well with threads and always wants to screw on crooked. I have to redo it so many times, I usually just abandon my intent for a healthy smoothie and go for something else. Very disappointed in Ninja, wish I had selected the NutriBullet.

Sharon Kerr - Contestar

The bullet stopped working while in use

Esther BROOKS - Contestar

My bullet suddenly stopped working

Esther BROOKS - Contestar

My magic bullet was working just fine last night and now it locks just fine, it pushes down just fine but it doesn't start at all. Makes no noise, nothing happens. I plugged it into every outlet in the house and still nothing happens. So I know that too low of power isn't the problem, it's just not turning on what so ever. Mine was also a gift so there's no receipt whatsoever.... Any help?

Taeya Xak - Contestar

I have the same problem. did you ever find the solution?

Thanks Sabrina

Sabrina Stevens -

My nutribullet 1200 series won't turn on. Despite running through these checks. The blue light on/off button keeps flashing.

Julie Jackson - Contestar

where am I going to be the magic bullet repair


there a service center here in the philippines?

florentinokarenjoy24 - Contestar

Mine won't stop hearing things. I've unplugged it I've tried the button a hundred times it won't stop. I've only used it maybe 25 times.

Andrew Mcdonald - Contestar

I have the original magic bullet and it still works great. Most of the parts that came with it are still in their plastic. One issue that I have been having is that when I put the blender (anything that has a blade) on the unit I have to hold down the blender and when I first got the unit I could just turn to the right when blending and it would stay running until I turned to the left to remove the blender. Any suggestions how to fix this.


pcmacbob - Contestar

My Baby Bullet leaked through the base and now the base is gunky. It's usable but i have to carefully lift the top container out slowly because the base continues to spin and spin for a while. I believe it's because the leaks that have occurred have made everything very gunky and sticky. I could have sworn one of the times it leaked, it's as if the thing loosened ITSELF during use...weird. How do i clean that gunk out. I've tried dried brushes etc but this stuff is the consistency of mushed raisin.

geni499 - Contestar

I have only had mine for about 2 weeks. Do I have to hold down on it to make it go? Once, I let my hands off and it continued to blend but now it won't do that. Do you have any ideas?

Mary T. Camp -

I try to use it with hot coffee and it just goes everywhere what am I doing wrong?

nannyleeann - Contestar

the bit just inside the unit that connects to the cup when you screw it down and start it has disappeared !! its just a naked screen thats left , what could have happened?

lynnhunt - Contestar

I don't use the bullet often but I have notice that the motor seems to not engage with the rotating device that spins the blades. This results in a very noise machine, smoke/sparks and black soot from the vent.

Does anyone else experience this or is this how the bullet rolls.

Sean's Mojo - Contestar

The blender works but after 15 seconds it starts to be loud and burn. Anything I can do and is that dangerous ?

robbieh - Contestar

My cup is stuck in the machine and won't come out. Has anyone else had this?

Ellie campbell - Contestar

Yes! Mine too. Were you able to get it off the machine? If so please share how! Right now my entire machine is sitting in my refrigerator full of yogurt and fruit!

tsgieger -

Help! I know the answer is too easy, but my nutribullet is ready to go but it simply won't start. I have checked everything I can think of and have been unable to get it to start. Any good ideas?


Candace Brunson - Contestar

I have a problem where my NutriBullet will not turn off when when I removed the cup. Upon plugging it in alone, the blades begin spinning, even without the cup in. The press-down tabs are NOT engaged. I’m confused as to what to do.

Mekkel Richards - Contestar

I am facing the same issue too!! Any solution?

Srihari Raghavan -

Having a hard time atching and activating the blender it doesn't match up with the base


I buy my nutibullet at 9/15 17… just use it a couple of times… and now it does not work anymore… what do I do now.?

tavarez.marlene - Contestar

I buy my nutri nullet at 9/15/17,and just use it a couple of times what do I do now.?

tavarez.marlene - Contestar

My Nutribullet will not power on. I checked the outlet, the cord and the tabs. Nothing wrong there. What else should I check??

Sally Donnelly - Contestar

Could anyone help me please. I have the Magic Bullet. When I put the ingredients into the cup and place it on the base unit, I usually just pulse it for a minute or so. I’ve just put it on and somehow I seem to have locked the cup to the base unit. I had to turn it off at the wall but cannot get the cup off. There seems to be three little grooves on the base unit (which I never noticed before) and I can’t see any way of releasing it. Unfortunately ''''cannot find the book that came with it. Sorry to be a pain if it is something so simple a child could do it!

Celia Goode - Contestar

Can’t remove top off cup after it finished operating. Tried putting under hot water for short time. Any suggestions?

Joanna Sobolewski -

I just had the same issue. With nothing to lose, I used a small standard screwdriver and placed it between the cup and the Magic Bullet rim and forced it to unlock. What I noticed, was that one of the three tabs on the cup had broken. I transferred everything into a new cup and this time I was able to get it to work.

Anne Born -

I need help!!! Any suggestions on removing lid after blending smoothie?

My one and only problem with my NutriBullet Rx is the size of the lid containing the extractor blade.  It is very wide.  I have struggled several times with opening it after blending my smoothies.

Today I again struggled with removing the top after making my smoothie.  In fact, I STILL CANNOT OPEN IT!

It is difficult to get a good grip on the large lid.  I wish the size of the lid was not so wide.  My hands are larger than most women’s hands, so I wonder how someone who is petite or of less strength is able to unscrew the lid so they can eat their smoothie.  Dang! I wanted to drink my smoothie! :(

Karen Mahlen - Contestar

I have had this problem: the surfaces are really slick, making it difficult to get a good grip. My solution is to put a large, thick rubber band around the blade housing, giving me a better grip. This has worked for me.

kruth -


My new Nutribullet RX won’t stop unless I switch off the power button.

I tried making soup but it leaked through the base so I cleaned the base and let it dry out.

I tried making soup again and it just kept spinning at full speed and wouldn’t stop - it nearly boiled over. I let it cool down and tried making a smoothie - same thing - it kept spinning at full speed, the green light went off but is just kept spinning.

When I put the jug on it starts spinning immediately at full speed, no delay.

It worked find the first 4 or 5 times.



Joanne Pattinson - Contestar

My cup would not push down enough to turn to lock in place. Called nutribullet. Told to take tooth brush to top white 3 places where it locks and scrub. Took a couple of tries and now works again. Hope his helps.

deeannet - Contestar

I just purchase my nutri bullets 600 series but it doesn't work. Is there any service center in the Philippines.. I bought it in united Arabs of Emirates. Last August 06,2018.. Email liza

step aero tan - Contestar

Need advice as to why the cup pops off during blending from the activators after 5 secs which means we need to hold in place to complete the process.

Activators all working well so unsure of the cause??

Linda Stewart - Contestar

I found out today if whats in the cup isn’t heavy enough it will not blend either so try adding a little of your treat into the cup and try again. I also reset my white tabs inside the unit.

johnson_enjoli - Contestar

Hi my nutribullet has cross thread and now and I can’t detach it

nicky.mullings - Contestar

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