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IBM ThinkPad 560z Troubleshooting

Failure to Power On

The computer will not turn on.


The battery may be dead. Plug in the AC power cord and attempt to turn the computer on again.

Note: If computer only turns on while the power cord is plugged in, the battery may need to be replaced. Check the battery's health by:

  • Selecting the battery gauge icon on the task bar and launching the Power Manager.
  • Clicking on "Battery Information" and checking the status:
    • Green means that the battery is in good condition. Charge and it should be fine.
    • Red means that battery needs to be replaced. Refer to our battery replacement guide here.

Failure to Boot

The computer powers on, but the operating system does not boot.

On Screen or Beep Errors

On screen and beep errors can have various sources. To diagnose the error, it is best to reference the IBM Thinkpad 560z User Manual.

No Sound

The sound is not working.

Check if the sound is muted. If the sound is not muted and still does not work, the speakers may be blown. Refer to our replacement guide here.

Display Problems

The screen displays strange artifacts or nothing at all.

Black Border Around the Screen

The display resolution is not set to optimal dimensions. Check the display settings

  • For Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/NT users, click on the start menu and select the Settings option. Then go to Control Panel and select Display. Under the Settings tab, move the Screen Area slider until the screen is filled.
  • For Microsoft Windows XP users, click on the start menu and then go to Control Panel. Click Appearance and Themes and then select Display. Under the Settings tab, move the Screen Area slider until the screen is filled.

Strange Artifacts

If the display is obscured by strange shapes or bars across the screen, it needs to be replaced. Follow the instructions on our screen replacement guide here.

Nothing Displays

If the computer powers on but the screen is off, the screen needs to be replaced. Refer to the replacement guide here.

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