This is the troubleshooting guide for the HP Pavillion DV3 laptop.

No matter what you do, the laptop won’t turn on.

If the computer turns on but hangs or crashes before the “Starting Windows” screen, it is most likely a RAM problem. The RAM could be seated improperly or defective. Following the RAM replacement guide, remove and reinsert the RAM stick(s) and retest the laptop. If that does not work, the RAM most likely needs to be replaced.

If the computer turns on but the screen stays off, the display is most likely the problem. If the backlight comes on but the display is just black then it is a problem with the LCD panel. If you can see an image on the LCD but the backlight is off, it is either a loose or disconnected cable or a dead backlight.

If the computer turns on but hangs or crashes while loading Windows, the hard drive is most likely the problem. Follow this guide to replace the hard drive.

It seems to work fine but then abruptly turns off.

If the back right area of computer gets very warm or hot, and then the computer shuts itself down, there is an issue with the fan. Most likely, it is just clogged with dust and you can clean it out with compressed air and make sure it is properly plugged in, following this guide to open up the laptop and get to the fan. If the fan is still not spinning after it has been dusted, it may need to be replaced.

If the computer will not keep running after it is unplugged, the battery is either dead, or has a bad connection. Try cleaning the contacts with a clean pencil eraser. If that doesn’t help, replace the battery following this guide.

If the computer randomly shuts itself down within 5-10 minutes of turning on and the back right area isn’t really hot, the Heatsink may be cracked or pulling off of the processor. Follow this guide to access the Heatsink and replace it.

Your laptop is currently losing a game of hide and seek with the internet.

If Windows shows that there is a wireless card but can’t find or connect to any network, the antenna has most likely detached itself from the wireless card. Follow this guide and make sure the two antenna plugs are connected.

If Windows shows that there is no wireless network adapter installed, it is probably disconnected. Following this guide, remove and reinsert your laptop’s wireless card and see if the problem is fixed. If not, you will need to replace the wireless card.

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Another reason why the laptop doesnt stay on would be the hard drive having a malfunction. Im currently working with one of these laptops and the problem turned out being the drive. Booted up and restarted the laptop within a minute of turning on. Hooked it up to a test PC and it did exactly the same.

Flashie - Contestar

My pavilion dv3 is not turning on i need help i happened after updating it to Windows 10. Where did i do wrong?

Tamim tomal - Contestar

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