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HP Pavilion zd8000 Troubleshooting

Laptop does not power on

“Your computer will not turn on.”

Check power supply

If your computer will not turn on, first check and see if it is plugged into a power supply. Then attempt to turn it on. If this doesn’t work, read on.

RAM issues

Check to make sure the RAM is properly installed (HP Pavilion zd8000 RAM Replacement). If this does not work, check your power adapter.

Bad power adapter

Check to see if there is any apparent damage to the cord. If you see any damage, you most likely have to buy a new power adapter.

If your power adapter is bad, the computer will run off a battery, but it won't charge. If your battery is too low, it will be difficult to diagnose a bad power adapter. The easiest way to test this is to borrow either a battery or power adapter to test in your machine. If you have the same problem with another power adapter, your problem is most likely the motherboard.

Bad motherboard

If these steps do not work, you must replace the motherboard (HP Pavilion zd8000 Motherboard Replacement)

Screen does not display

“Your computer is on, but the screen stays black.”

Adjust Brightness

Increase the brightness level by holding the Fn key (located on the bottom left-hand side of the keyboard, next to the crtl key) and press the F8 key until the brightness increases. If this does not work, open and close your computer to see if anything changes.

Bad display cable

You should check and see if the display cable is damaged. You can do so with this guide (HP Pavilion zd8000 Screen Replacement). You may or may not be able to see the damage. Replace the cable and see if this fixes the problem.

Bad display

If the cable isn’t the problem, then the display itself may be the problem. Replace the display with this guide (HP Pavilion zd8000 Screen Replacement).

Bad motherboard

If replacing the display cable does not work, your motherboard is damaged and needs to be replaced (HP Pavilion zd8000 Motherboard Replacement).

Audio does not play

“Your sound does not work or the sound is distorted.”

Check mute button and volume control

See if your mute button is selected or if the volume slider is all the way down.


If your computer is beeping, instead of making normal sound, this could imply a disconnected speaker cable. If there is no sound coming from one or both of the speakers, one or both must be replaced. To check if the speaker cable is disconnected or to replace a speaker, reference the Right and Left Speaker repair guides. (HP Pavilion zd8000 Right Speaker Replacement, HP Pavilion zd8000 Left Speaker Replacement)

Keyboard does not work

“The keyboard on the computer is not responding to typing.”

Bad connection

If your keys are not responsive, check the connection to the motherboard using this guide (HP Pavilion zd8000 Keyboard Replacement)

Bad keyboard

If the connection is good and the keyboard still will not work, you must replace the keyboard (HP Pavilion zd8000 Keyboard Replacement)

Computer is Overheating

“Your computer is very hot and the fan is constantly on.”

Obstruction of vents

Make sure the computer’s vents are not blocked. If they are, remove your computer from the area so air can flow.

Dust in vents

If there is dust in your computer's vents, it could obstruct the airflow. Try dust blowing the vents to clear the vents.

Blocked fan

If your computer is still overheating, you may have to manually unblock the fan. To get to the fan, follow the instructions in this guide (HP Pavilion zd8000 Base Fans Replacement). Once you have reached the fan, simply wipe the blades with a cotton swab and remove large clumps of debris with tweezers. If this does not fix the problem, you will have to replace the broken fan.

USB device not recognized

“Your computer does not register the device and you cannot find it under 'My Computer.'”

Bad connection

Make sure all connections are properly connected.

Bad port

If neither device recognizes each other (no power, sounds, etc.) then the port is broken. If the port in question is on the left side, it can be easily replaced with this guide. (HP Pavilion zd8000 USB Module Replacement) If the port is on the right side, the repair is much more difficult and requires soldering.

Unresponsive CD drive

“Your computer will not eject a CD or does not recognize the CD.”

Bad CD

If the CD is not recognized, there is a software issue or the CD itself is bad.

CD will not eject

Try manually ejecting the CD by taking a paperclip and inserting one end into the small hole next to the eject button. After that, place a new CD into the tray and see if it will eject with the new CD. If that does not work, then the CD drive must be replaced. To do so, refer to the this guide (HP Pavilion zd8000 CD/Optical Drive Replacement)

Track pad does not respond

“The computer’s track pad is not working or you cannot move your cursor.”

Unresponsive track pad

If your track pad is not responding, then press the button above it. This button enables and disables the track pad. If that does not work, you will need to replace the upper cover (the chassis). Refer to this pre-rec guide to replace it (HP Pavilion zd8000 Top Cover Replacement)

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when i turn it on it says enter power on pass word which i don'nt have


do i need solftware to open power on password


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