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EXO PC Troubleshooting Page

This guide provide basic steps for identifying the issues with your device.

Screen Not Working

If the touchscreen is not responding, cracked, or is otherwise damaged, the entire display will need to be replaced. Symptom may have been caused by dropping the device.

Cracked Screen

If the display shows signs of cracking or damage it will need to be replaced. Steps to this can be found here

Damaged Digitizer

If your touch is not being detected properly by the screen, the digitizer may be damaged and in need of replacement. Steps to this can be found here.

Battery Issues

If the battery of the device will not retain a charge, or power cycles even when the battery still has charge left, the battery will need to be replaced. This symptom is almost guaranteed to occur after a long enough time of use.

Faulty Charger

If the problem is that the device won’t charge, check to see if the charging LED is

Lit. If it is not then the charger may be broken and in need of replacement. To be sure, make sure the outlet being used has power going to it. Here is a link to purchase a new charger.

Old/Faulty Battery

If the battery is old, the rating for how long the battery will hold a charge will have been depleted. Therefore replacing the battery should solve this issue.Steps to this can be found here

Computer Won’t Boot Up

If the EXO PC turns on but the screen is black or displays an error message it could be a hardware or software issue.

OS corrupted

If the tablet boot up but displays a message that an OS can’t be found it is possible that Windows is corrupt and missing important system files. The system may be able to restore itself but if the damage is too bad the OS may have to be reinstalled. Steps to do this can be found here

Hard Drive Failure

If the power LED’s are lit but the screen is black this is a sign that the hard drive has failed. If the device performing slowly prior to this happening, particularly when moving a copying files, then this is likely cause. A hard drive has a limited number of read/write cycles before it needs to be replaced. How to do so can be found here

Camera Not Functioning Properly

The front facing camera will not function, or has moved out of place. This symptom could be a factory issue or from wear and tear.

Camera Module Malfunction

The camera module is either not connected or is not functioning, and therefore must be replaced. The guide to to that can be found here.

Device Overheating

The device is feels warm to the touch.

Failing Fan

If the device powers off randomly or if the device gets really hot this may be caused by poor heat dissipation. The fan can get dirty and dusty which impedes its function, cleaning the fan with compressed air can fix this issue but if the problem persists the fan will have to be replaced. Here is a repair guide to do this

Blue Screen Issues

The screen is displaying a solid blue screen.

Windows Need to be Reinstalled

In order to reinstall windows, you will need a keyboard connected to your EXO PC due to the fact you will need access to some of the keyboard functions that aren’t available on the screens keyboard. In order to reinstall Windows, you will need to press the shift key on your keyboard. While holding down the shift key, there will be a power icon on the bottom right corner of the screen; go ahead and press that as well. From there, you will click the restart button on your screen, followed by troubleshoot, and there you will have the option to reinstall and reset windows.

Boot Into Safe Mode

Booting your device into safe mode will allow Windows to only run essential drivers and nothing extra. If a new driver that you installed is causing the problem, you will be able to tell because the blue screen error will disappear. To turn your device into safe mode, you will need a keyboard. While holding the shift key, press the power icon. Then press troubleshoot, advanced options, and startup settings. Press restart, then select the corresponding number to the selection you would like. In this case, you would like to select the number where it says “Enable Safe Mode.”

Use System Restore

If you’re running into a blue screen out of nowhere, it could be because of a new software or application that is causing the problem. Restoring your device to its previous state could show you if it is in fact a new application or software causing the problem.

Click here to follow the steps in completing a system restore.

Device not Using all the RAM

The PC is only part of the RAM. Making the OS slow or any applications open slow.

Uninstall RAM and then Reinstall

One of the first things you should try is to uninstall the RAM and then reinstall it. Ether in the same slot or try another one. It is a rather easy task to do. You just have to be very careful not to damage it. You can follow the steps here.

Check RAM For Damage

One thing you can do to check to see why the PC is not using the RAM is check the RAM for damage. It takes very little to damage the RAM chip. One of the best and easiest ways is to use Windows Memory Diagnostic. It is super easy you can follow the steps here.

Buy New RAM

If nothing else works you will have to just buy a new RAM. This is one of the last steps you should take. You will have to shop around to find the best deals.

Dysfunctional USB Port

The USB port is not responding.

Test USB stick

If a USB is inserted into the USB port of an EXO PC and it is not responding on the screen, the first thing you will want to do is test it on other devices first. This will ensure that the problem lies with your EXO PC device rather than the USB stick itself. If the USB is inserted into another device (e.g. laptop, TV) and it does respond on those, then the user will know that the tablet is facing a problem.

Reboot Device

You will want to restart the device by pressing and holding the power button on the top left corner of the EXO PC. Restarting the device will reset the device in case there were any glitches that were preventing the device from being able to accept the USB stick.

Check Device Manager

After restarting the tablet, you will want to check the device manager. Checking the device manager will let the user rule out that the USB is being recognized but just not popping up with a notification when it is inserted into the device. To check the device manager, a user must first click the windows start menu button on the bottom left corner, then click the “control panel” tab on the right side of the menu, click the “hardware and sound” section in the popup menu, choose “device manager” underneath the “devices and printers” category and confirm that the USB is not listed.

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